What’s your favorite YouTube channel ?

What’s your favorite YouTube channel ?

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  1. I only subscribe to 3 channels myself:
    Brad Owen – great poker content
    Steve Ramsay – really helpful man on woodworking
    Chest’er – he builds some amazing furniture that I get lost for hours watching him build

  2. It’s a french channel nicknamed JDG or “**Joueur du Grenier**” (translated as “Player in the Attic”), started up by Frederic Molas (producer and main character) and Sebastien Rassiat. It was designed on the same principle of AVGN and they test old and bad games with a lot of staging: Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle, Bubsy 3d, you name it. And of course Fred is blowing up a gasket regularly. You think French people are aggressive and annoying? [You know nothing](https://youtu.be/U4VOqB5jglY?t=1006). They are being in business for more than 10 years now.

    They launch an alternate channel, named “**Bazar du Grenier**” (translated as “Attic Bazaar”) where they post anything non related to the main channel: Let’s Play, RPG sessions, critics and reviews.

    Then, a third channel was launched named “**Best Of JDG Twitch**”. Now Fred is streaming on Twitch different session of games like Worms WMD, Among Us, Propnight, Dont Starve Together, etc. He’s playing with other french streamer and it’s hilarious: a lot of times, he’s really bad and he’s still getting angry to the great pleasure to everybody.

  3. I’ve been watching a bunch of MrBallen videos lately. He’s a great story teller. Be warned though. The content of some of his videos can be extremely graphic and upsetting. He does provide content warnings for those.

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