What’s your favourite film that you rewatching every year?

What’s your favourite film that you rewatching every year?

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  1. Not a film, but we follow the German tradition to watch the sketch “Dinner for one” every year. The catchphrase of the Sketch is “Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie? Same procedure as every year, James!”. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy given it became the most repeated TV show in history.

    The main actor refused to speak German, WWII wasn’t forgotten. Each year it’s repeated about 20 times on new year’s eve to make sure absolutely everyone can see it. A slightly different version is a Christmas tradition in neighboring countries.

  2. Waterworld.

    It’s not a great film, and I really don’t know why I at least watch it once a year.
    Maybe because I like the theme, maybe because it’s a movie I’ve watched with my dad back in 1995/1996. But I don’t know why I like it.

  3. Not a film, but I have a tradition of rewatching the YouTube Poop, “Skellington’s Revenge“ every year around Christmas time. It’s actually really good and tells a proper story instead of just being goofy random nonsense. If someone actually reanimated it and gave it proper voice acting instead of sentence mixing, it could pass as a real Christmas special with a somewhat questionable sense of humor.

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