What’s your “I didn’t believe in ghost until…” paranormal story?

What’s your “I didn’t believe in ghost until…” paranormal story?

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  1. Until i heard footsteps in my lil brothers room, i called for him but he didn’t reply so i went to his room to see what he’s up to, mfker slept like a brick and footsteps continued..
    Or when my bro, mum and i saw our hallway doors fully open and close continuously for good 15 min
    Or when i heard growling next to my ear while i was in bed
    Or when something grabbed my ankles and pulled me while I was in bed.. (im not much ofna believer but man did i start praying that moment lmao)

  2. I’ll preface this story by saying I don’t believe in ghosts, and still don’t even following this experience, but it was quite a good one nonetheless.

    I was working a night shift in an old, residential building and lots of the other night staff had eerie ghost stories. My colleague and I were drinking coffee in the office area and she was sharing them all with me. I was trying to explain to her while, despite these making for entertaining spooky stories, there are rational explanations and ghosts are illogical and nonexistent. She was having none of it, and upping the ante on her stories in terms of numbers of witnesses, the good character of those who saw it, etc etc. She then also confessed her anxiety that my scepticism would anger the ghosts and make them manifest. I laughed and said I hoped they’d bring it on. She was telling me off, and looking genuinely afraid, so I dropped it.

    Later that night, we did our walk rounds together and out of nowhere, the TV in a side room flipped on right as we walked past. The TV was at full volume, blaring static on no channel. My colleague flipped out and started screaming, convinced this was proof of the ghosts and I’d angered them. I turned the TV off using the remote that was lying there on the table. No one else was around, and I couldn’t come up with an explanation for why it suddenly came on just as we came by. She had her proof, which I couldn’t debunk, and despite my scepticism I got a bit of a jump scare, which probably was karmic in light of my attitude to her beliefs. But yeah, still don’t believe in ghosts, but that moment got me close.

  3. Too many weird things were happening in my home like constantly hearing sounds when I’m home alone, playstations and record players turning on on their own, toilets repeatedly flushing on their own, sounds of floors creaking , doors opening.

  4. When I was 12 I went to bed then woke up in the morning I did every thing I would do on a normal day then when I went to bed I woke up in the morning and did it again and again I did a hole day three times over in one dream .

  5. I’ve never believed in spirits/ghosts even though I live by a graveyard. One day I was helping my dad do yard work with my sister at my dead grandmas house, who passed away about 5 years ago in 2016. We got bored so we asked our dad if we could go play in the path by the rail road tracks right beside the graveyard . Our dad said yes and when we were half way down the path we needed clippers and my sister left them. She turned back and went to go grab them. I kept going when she was gone and while I was walking I saw something running toward me and it wasn’t a animal it looked like it had a white shirt. I hesitated for a second and ran as fast as I possibly could screaming for my life. I looked back while I was running and saw nothing. I told my sister and my dad but they didn’t believe me. When we went back down the path I smelled something dead. We found nothing but… it still to this day smells like a dead human and it still scares me to this day.

  6. I was babysitting a friends baby 3 years ago and it was around 3 months old. They went on a date night while I stayed and made sure the baby didn’t die I guess. Around 2am I checked the baby monitor and to my horror I saw a hand in the crib. I knew I was home alone and it was a small house anyway. I grabbed a baseball bat from the shed and ran in there and turned the light on, nothing there but I made the baby cry. I know I saw something I wasn’t even tired or high or anything. I couldn’t sleep knowing that I saw something there. I took the baby and put it in the same bed as me and slept. He started getting very fussy whenever I tried putting her back in the crib. At 4am I couldn’t sleep and looked at the baby monitor and saw two hands now on the crib. And I’m not taking the piss right now but I swear one of the hands had their finger up. I told the parents and they thought I was just tired.

  7. I still am not 100% sure about what to believe, but one time I hallucinated with a dead body on my chair. It wasn’t after waking up or before sleeping, so it can’t be sleep paralysis. I never used any type of substance and wasn’t scared or anything like that before it happened. Also, I am 100% sure I saw it, it was right in front of me and I was staring at it…


    By the way, good question! (And sorry for my bad English).

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