What’s your ideal death?

What’s your ideal death?

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  1. Hopefully in my sleep or something at an old age, I don’t want it to be a slow death where I have to lay there and like lose my mind and stuff.

  2. Realising and accepting that this is it and dying with satisfaction, no regrets. Right now i have alot of regrets and goals so wouldnt like it rn

  3. OD on morphine, alcohol, weed and shrooms I suppose. Not violently. Just get so high that I dont come back. Theres been a couple times that were so wonderfully pleasant I wouldn’t have minded that being it. I hope when its my time to go my family will hook it up so that I have a Good trip on the way out the door.

  4. Being gunned down out of the air by an enemy fighter jet while a bald eagle flies beside me after fighting for the freedom of an allied country

  5. When it’s a good death, a noble death, end of the watch, when I can finally rest my head, close my eyes, take my final breath and join those who ventured before me, head held high.
    But it won’t be like that… there will be no honour, no glory, just soon to be rotting corpse to be forgotten. Just a blink of nothingness in the vast void of the eternity.

  6. This is weird, but as a child, the thought of just falling asleep and die freaked me out. I always hoped to die in some sort of explosion.

    Beheading also seems rather cool.

  7. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Play your favorite songs, get lit, eat some good food, and go to sleep never waking up. Sounds perfect to me

  8. Had a great grandmother die at age 68 in her sleep…found out later she’d had a massive coronary heart attack. She probably had horribly uncontrolled high cholesterol but they didn’t know about/treat that back then. But still…what a way to go…never have to truly get old and incapacitated…no pain. So…that.

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