What’s your marijuana edibles horror story?

What’s your marijuana edibles horror story?

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  1. My last time having an edible! So I want to preface this by saying I am not new to marijuana. I partake, in whatever form, on a regular basis. I know my limits. For edibles I generally take around 15-20 mg. This gets me quite high, but not like… gone. It’s a great time and it’s manageable.

    For valentine’s day my partner got me some edibles. In my province they can only sell I think 10 mg in a package. So my partner bought some from an Indigenous reservation near us (again, I frequently get marijuana from reserves, it’s not a huge deal, nothing out of the ordinary for me). Because my tolerance is like double what our province will sell, and the reserves will package whatever plus it’s cheaper. So he got me a few of these brownies that had I think 100 mg per brownie (they were huge). So I cut it in half (50 mg), then half again (25 mg), and then had roughly a half of that. Figured I’d take it from there. My partner, who has a way lower tolerance than me, had roughly the same amount as me.

    After like 15 minutes I realized I fucked up. I felt like I couldn’t move my eyes without resistance, like there was Jello around my head and eyes. And when I did move them, things moved… weirdly, like everything at the edge of my vision seemed to be slightly shaking. This was freaking me out. In my ~15 years as a pot head I have had the odd rough time so normally I am well versed in staying calm and just riding it out. NOT the case this time.

    I ended up throwing up all of my valentine’s day dinner (not entirely sure if I also got food poisoning while being incredibly high tbh), so basically spent 2 hours sitting in the bathroom in front of the toilet. Terrified to move, felt 100% convinced I was dying of a heart attack. My partner phoned my mom (also a stoner) who kind of talked us through it and just told my partner to focus on talking to me to keep my mind distracted. Not really possible because the only train of thought I could follow was that I was going to literally fucking die. I alternated between feeling freezing cold and burning hot. I have a kid and all I was completely accepting the fact that my partner and I were both going to die and my kid would wake up to our bodies. I have NEVER had a high so bad.

    Eventually I just asked my partner to help me to bed. He wrapped me, in my request, in like 4 blankets. I didn’t get changed or anything, slept in all of my clothes. I got him to take a picture of me “so I will remember how fucked up I feel and not think later on that I had fun.”

    My partner, while very high, had a relatively okay night (after I went to sleep). Nothing like I experienced and no idea why it hit me so bad.

    The brownies still sit in an unused cupboard (also possible my partner has thrown them out). I will never try them again 🙂

  2. Okay so back in the day, when weed was first starting to be legal (technically), it was basically the wild wild west. There weren’t dosages or percentages, just a brownie or rice crispy treat that had some unknown amount of THC.

    I ate a brownie. The whole thing. At 19. And 120 pounds. And I was a new user.

    I was at the skate park when I realized something was very, *very* wrong. I immediately headed home and made it to my bed just in time. I was fuuuuucccked up. Couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t do anything. I took a 4 hour nap, still high. I went back to sleep for 8 hours, still high. Slept till 4 pm the next day (26 hours after) and finally felt mostly back to normal.

    I would LOVE to be high for 26 hours now ☹️

  3. Oh whooo boy.

    I took a street edible and 5 benadryl at the same time… Let me tell you it was a wild fuckin ride.

    I knew I did too much when everything around me felt like it was moving.

    I didn’t come down fully for a whole 24 hours.

  4. I ate a quarter pound of hash in some brownies once. My friends spotted me at the record store while it was still kicking in and insisted on taking me home while I could still stand. It was a fun day.

  5. I don’t know about “horror”…But for a while back before we were a rec state, I had access to all kinds of homemade cookies. I loved the taste, but it seemed like no matter how many I ate, they didn’t have much effect.

    Then I was at a party one night, and my friend had some candy he got from his brother, who was in the biz on the West Coast. He broke me off a couple pieces. I was going to have one piece to start, and maybe more later. My friend was like, “Eat it all. Go on.” So I did.

    A couple hours went by, and I didn’t feel anything beyond the high from the joint we also smoked. My SO and I made it an early night because I wasn’t super comfortable at parties yet since I had quit drinking that year. We were in bed by midnight, and I thought that was the end of a nice evening.

    I woke up at 5AM feeling really agitated–thought after thought kept flipping through my mind, I was tossing and turning. I was like, “What the hell is wrong with me?” So I got up and went out on the deck for smoke, and looked up at the pre-dawn sky. It was then that I realized, “Holy shit–I’m high as FUCK!” Then I laughed, and since there was no way I was getting back to sleep, nothing to do but let it ride. Made a pot of coffee, and enjoyed the sunrise.

    Always remember, kids: You didn’t do a drug to have a bad time, did you?

  6. A friend of mine is not good with numbers. He had 10/25/75mg gummies. He told me the ones he gave me were the 10mg. And after I ate 4 of them over the course of an hour, he messages me after the fourth one to tell me he messed up. He actually gave me the 75mg ones. He is fortunate that I couldn’t find my boots to plant them firmly up his ass lol. I was rocking in my chair for what could’ve been a few hours to 10 minutes

  7. I ruined Thanksgiving because I was too high.

    I’ve shared this story before, but when I was a teenager I got a weed brownie from my dealer. I had never had an edible before, so I was super excited. I decided to eat it before Thanksgiving that way I would have a nice high and all this good food to eat.

    He warned me that it was strong and to only eat half of it. I ate the half and after like 15 minutes I wasn’t feeling anything, so I decided to eat the other half too. I didn’t know that with edibles it takes a while to kick in and wasn’t instant like smoking.

    By the time dinner came by I was very stoned, like too much for my own comfort. My aunt and uncle were there too along with my little cousin who was like 4 at the time. I went upstairs to join my family and thought I could keep it together long enough for a quick dinner and nobody would be the wiser. That was not the case. I was so stoned that I could not look at anyone, so I just awkwardly stared at my food and gave one word answers when my family tried to talk to me. It made things incredibly uncomfortable for everyone.

    After about 15 minutes I could not take it anymore, so I just picked up my plate and went downstairs to my room. My mom followed me and wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me. I admitted to her that I ate a weed brownie and was incredibly stoned and asked if she could just leave me alone because I was too high to deal with things right now. She was cool about it and waited until I came down from the intense high to yell at me about ruining Thanksgiving dinner.

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