Whats your mindset approaching someone you find attractive?

Whats your mindset approaching someone you find attractive?

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  1. don’t show them how ‘crazy’ u are about them no matter how much u like them. just approach them normally and advance by subtly showing them that you are attracted to them by giving them honest compliments nd other stuff. if they respond to you in a good way, u can be more direct that u like them. if they don’t, you can easily bail out, move on without looking pathetic.

  2. First its always good to have a plan,Plan things to talk about and dont make it about yourself,try to engage in things they like,If You Approach them ask them how they were and make it cool like say to rate it out of 10 because then you can ask them to specify and give advice and you will come across as a good individual

    You only live once,what is the worst thing they can do Reject You,ffs people its not that serious even if they say something out of pocket dont be sad cuz clearly they are the problem and dont deserve that kind of love,just approach them and after a while when you both are comfortable with each other ask em out

  3. I act normal, like meeting a new friend, maybe paying attention more to them than anyone else there. Then later on, maybe the next day or next several, I find them on social media, follow them, and begin to text them and see where that leads.

  4. The first step is to make her comfortable by talking politely, then I add some humor, then I ask her if we could walk to xyz place and keep making interesting conversations on the way…

  5. I’m not really attracted to other people.

    When I see someone really beautiful or charismatic I’m wary. They’re accustomed to being treated a certain way and I don’t have the social skills to deliver.

  6. I’ve only really actively pursued one person and it was because she was extremely hot and my window of opportunity was limited

    Any other time I’ve seen a person I find attractive I might be interested in I keep my expectations low and just try to appreciate their hotness and have a good interaction which hopefully leads to them being interested in me, if not at least we had a fun chat

  7. Depends on the scenario, I’m very careful about the time and places I try to introduce myself to women are. For instance I won’t do it at work, the gym or a place where she might feel intimidated.

  8. Just be yourself. I wasted so much time trying to impress partners and ended up scaring them off. The second I became comfortable just acting completely normal, I found my success rate rose extremely.

  9. Kinda like when you see a bear, snake, or mountain lion: don’t make any sudden moves, keep quiet, and remove myself from the situation as soon as possible.

    Then go home, drink half a bottle of Wild Turkey 101, and fall asleep while crying in the shower.

  10. ..I don’t – if I were to approach someone I find attractive and try to charm myself on them,
    just because I find them attractive…
    that’s… not really right, not quite an OK thing to do.

    honestly, I wish I wasn’t thinking like that, I wish I was wired another way…
    I almost wish I was a disgusting horny bastard who had no scruples about inviting strangers for some one on one time…
    but noooooo, instead I feel shame for getting sexual desires…
    *sometimes*, I wonder if this is because of trauma…

  11. Depends on the situation and which type of “attractive” are we talking about? Are we talking about general attractive or a woman you actually like?

    I’m not always attracted to women who I still think are attractive (if that makes sense, lol).

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