What’s your nerdiest hobby?

What’s your nerdiest hobby?

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  1. I have a pretty good microscope. I love going out in nature and finding samples to look at. For me it’s very peaceful and rewarding. Like birdwatching for microorganisms.

  2. I’m just a student and i like to look at the cost of living in random countries/states across the globe and I predict myself living in that country and estimate my own expenses
    For no reason

  3. My current character in Skyrim is a high elf who enjoys reading.

    I tried reading the books online but I couldn’t ever get good pdf copy’s so my solution..?

    Play an RPG with the sole purpose of reading fake books

  4. I like to remove the paint lettering for my golf clubs and repaint them to a different color. I also built myself a gaming keyboard and lubed the switches. My kids think I’m lame.

  5. Gotta say metal detecting is a nice way to spend the morning.

    Is that my nerdiest, probably not. But it is the one that makes me look the coolest.

    Nerdiest has to be collecting certifications, SCUBA, ham, Pilot, sailing, motorcycle……

  6. I’m pretty obsessed with all things Catalunya linguistically after visiting on a study abroad to Spain. I’ve been casually studying Catalan and messing around with Catalan Duolingo with a streak of about 20 days now and I just love how romance languages are so similar yet are their own thing. Spanish is my first language so the initial similarities of Catalan to Spanish is what drew me in and learning bits and pieces of other romance languages like Italian and french tickels my brain the right way when I come across similarities between languages. Even if I don’t know how to speak other romance languages past a day one student doing a self introduction, I still think it’s freaking sweet to learn and study their histories as well.

  7. Reddit Moderating






    I also do mod reserves when subreddits need extra moderators for the day during big events.

  8. Well I’m an engineer (and not because I had to pick a profession, but because I love it), so does that count?

    If not, maybe collecting watches?

  9. Navy submarines they’re my passion and I’ll obsessively read about them, watch documentaries, go to museums.

    Also love documentaries about animals

  10. I mean there’s a few but probably building mechanical keyboards. It’s gaining in popularity now but only online. If I tell anyone that doesn’t have a significant online presence that I just spent $500 and over 9 hours soldering a keyboard together that I might not even use full time and they’ll look at me like I grew a second head that then started speaking in tongues.

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