What’s your opinion on the Netflix/Chappelle vs Trans community rn?

What’s your opinion on the Netflix/Chappelle vs Trans community rn?

What do you think?

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  1. Not just trans folks, but ANYONE that is claiming issue with his content needs to A) go watch the latest special to find out what he actually says, B) remember that he is a comedian and he shit talks ev-er-y-bo-dy, and C) remember that it is purely voluntary to consume Chappelle’s content and no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to watch.

    Practically no one that is in an “uproar” about it have either A, B or C listed above…and I’m very confident in that claim.

  2. i respect a lot of what he said.

    “Gay people are minorities until they have to be White again.” – I agree.

    “Everyone on on Earth once had to pass through the legs of a woman to be here, and that is a fact.” – I agree.

    He can get a little rude with some jokes though, like calling the LGBT community the “alphabet people” (he said that a long time ago, not in this special but still).

  3. I haven’t watched the special yet, but I’m very skeptical of people saying that he should be cancelled and “isn’t funny.”

    He is fucking funny. Always was. He says the most ridiculous shit.

  4. Not really a vs, dave made jokes people got offended its not like he’s waging a war against any group he’s pushing to show jokes are jokes and you can and should make fun of everyone

  5. I fully support trans rights. I also think Dave Chappelle is a funny comedian.

    As somebody who guides organizations on issue communications and advocacy, I do feel like the trans community could be better at picking its spots. There are fights that are worth winning and fights that only give the opposition greater visibility and voice.

    The challenge, of course, is that the trans rights movement is large and complex with different opinions and goals. So it’s not as easy as, say, organizing American climate organizations (which is not, in any way, easy).

    But if I were advising them, I’d encourage them to be more consistently proactive than reactive and to think clinically about which fights are winnable and which they should ignore.

    This is more a general observation than a critique of this particular incident.

  6. I think it’s dumb.

    It’s comedy. It’s supposed to be offensive and push boundaries, and in the end we have the first amendment for a reason. Whether you like what someone has to say or not is completely irrelevant, they should be able to say it and say it proudly, and loudly.

    Comedy has absolutely sucked for the past few years because comedians are being censored by society, and afraid of pushing boundaries, and saying edgy jokes because their jobs and livelihood are at stake.

    You should be able to laugh and make fun of anything you want, because being able to joke about something helps disarm the problem and/or bring attention to it.


  7. I wonder how many of the trans people raging against him actually listenned to the complete show. Dave Chapelle stories must be heard in full to understand their meaning. Take any line of his show out of context and he sounds like a total asshole.

  8. He isn’t anti-trans and the special is fucking hilarious, and if a comedian isn’t your cuppa tea, skip them. Simple as that. He isn’t a politician, you don’t vote for them, you either tune in or you do not.

    Same goes for *actual* anti-trans people. They are godzillas made of garbage and I simply don’t give them money, attention, or time.

  9. At some point people gotta accept you will hear things you do not like. People will say things you do not like. People with say things you disagree with. Most of it, you need to LET THE FUCK GO.

  10. At the core of the set was this little annoying thing… “I had a trans friend so I can say this!” The fucking irony of that coming from a black comedian who addresses race frequently enough to make me really scratch my fucking head. At least that’s what my black friend said.

  11. All of my news is second hand and I still haven’t really understood what exactly Chappelle did or said to offend anyone. I’m guessing he said something quite rational like “men are men and women are women” and everyone is all up in arms about it? I don’t give a shit anymore people are goddamn insane.

  12. Fuck Dave.

    You identify as a TERF, you’re being bigoted. Period. You’re invalidating other people’s identity, experience, and efforts to just be themselves.

    This isn’t about jokes. He wasn’t joking when he said he identified as a TERF. He wasn’t joking when he said he was behind Rowling.

    Nobody is funny enough to deny people who are just trying to sort themselves out their identity.

  13. I watched it. I liked it. I cringed at some of the jokes and laughed really hard at other parts. I can understand why some people might take offense to what he said, but at the end of the day it’s comedy and it’s subjective.

  14. I know this argument gets used as a blanket defence with issues like this – but I think this time the issue really is that he dared to disagree.

    There’s a huge sentiment that if you’re not fully supportive of the movement you’re an enemy. That these minority groups and progressive issues deserve immunity from criticism while they carry on their noble struggle for their rights. It’s a very end justifies the means approach. I hope the issue with that is apparent.

    Ironically, a fair chunk of the special was just Dave Chappell commenting on this exact issue.

    He also made a very clear point that he’s perfectly supportive of the movement in general, but thinks the approach they’re taking is kind of dumb. I think that’s a perfectly fair stance someone should be allowed to hold regardless of the issue.

    In short, I loved it. He offered what I think is a pretty balanced argument/commentary while making it hilarious.

    The trans community is up in arms because he exposed a very glaring issue, and people don’t like to be exposed. There were like two dozen jokes I knew people would cry cancel on and I loved it.

    Dave rocked it.

  15. I think if you watch the whole thing it’s pretty clear he has a lot of compassion for trans people. I understand that trans people have a lot of challenges in life and that they aren’t widely accepted, but Dave does not seem like a bigoted person to me, at all.

  16. Overblown, the people who are triggered over this are really not as many as some right wing media wants people to believe. Only a small part of the trans community might have been offended by it . Personally I don’t know anyone who has been triggered over the special, but I have seen many posts on social media how people complain about people getting triggered.

  17. Nice try, Reddit mods.

    Chappelle seems to be a smug bastard. Funny liberals are turning on him. His smoking is weird.

    That said, did he say something untrue in regards to trans people? I’m seriously asking.

  18. He said multiple times during that special “I’m going all the way”. You’d think sensitive people would hear that and be like “I’ll probably get offended by this so maybe I should turn it off”

  19. I haven’t seen anyone say he should be cancel, I’ve only seen people defend him. This is going to die out in a week or so and there’s going to be something else to divide us.

  20. I’ll sum it up by comparing it to how I feel about Paul Mooney.

    He makes lots of jokes that offend. That’s OK, I’ve been offended lots in my life. He’s also a comedian and is trying to get laughs. I don’t think Paul Mooney should be cancelled or harassed for his jokes.

  21. Dave Chappelle mocked the trans community for misinterpreting his jokes, overreacting, and trying to cancel him. In response, members of the trans community have misinterpreted his jokes, overreacted due to their misinterpretation, and are trying to cancel him. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I firmly stand with Dave on this one.

  22. Well, Dave can’t be canceled and anyone actually upset by it was clearly not listening to what he was saying. Also, shoutout to the people all in an uproar about his trans and gay jokes but completely forget to mention his joke about him being molested as if that just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about being offended these days and half of them don’t even know what they’re being offended about.

  23. He literally jokes about it and says dont make your decisions based off your first emotions. the jokes go deeper than “trans people lol” for example he doesnt tell you what hes trying to get at when he does the joke about trans peoples bathrooms but ultimately it seems to more be for people going wherever they want when he says that if a dude with no dick came in and sat down on the urinal he would be confused but wouldnt think much about it. idk being in the lgbt community i dont think its offensive but i dont speak for all just me

  24. We have a first amendment right? And everyone or at least most of have fingers and cognitive abilities which allow us to not watch if we don’t want. That’s my opinion.

  25. I hate that this is a conversation. If someone makes a comment with the INTENT to be funny and joking then it shouldn’t be a problem. This whole Cancel Culture thing is out of hand. It doesn’t matter if it was funny to you, if they made other people laugh and were 100% kidding, (like Chappelle) then who cares?

    If it is offensive or someone offends you on the internet. Just don’t watch/read it. You have a choice to. Hell there’s a block feature on virtually every site now! Just block it!

    Edit: spelling, I don’t hat this conversation.

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