What’s your trick for falling asleep?

What’s your trick for falling asleep?

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  1. I use a yoga/meditation trick. Check in with every part of your body to make sure it’s fully relaxed, you may find that your jaw/neck/shoulders/back are tense even when you feel like you’re already fully relaxed.

  2. make up fake scenarios in my head with my crush or myself doing things i’ve always wanted to do like travelling with my friends and eventually i end up falling asleep

  3. I still remember it in my childhood – the noise of the street / TV. It’s something beautiful. Now that it’s summer and I live in the city, I have an open window through which you can hear this sweet noise of cars. I love it

  4. Do mundane things in my head to keep from thinking about stressful thoughts. Conjugating verbs in French which I haven’t thought about in ten years, imagining myself walking in a familiar location, doing times tables, thinking of words that start with each letter, etc. I bore myself to sleep. It has helped me keep my mind from racing.

  5. i would not recommend this trick to anyone, but if i really cant sleep, i take my brother his (described) opiods. usually knocks me out for a good 10 hours and works wonders for when im sick also.

  6. I think of very specific solutions to my programming and graphical projects. They made me sleepy while at the computer, so they can do it again. It often works.

  7. A 22 minute audio track, given to me by my hypnotherapist (it’s of him going through a pre-recorded relaxation session); I’ve been using it for a while, and I’ve still never heard the end of it.

    Sometimes, I don’t even get 5 minutes in before I’m fast asleep. It’s amazing.

  8. Daydreaming. I have a couple of stories to jump into and I know that either I will sleep or have a good time imagining things. Either way it’s a win, which is one of the reasons I think why falling asleep is so easy.

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