What’s your upvote/downvote policy?

What’s your upvote/downvote policy?

What do you think?

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  1. Upvote: If I really agree with the comment, enjoy the comment, or the comment somehow made me feel positively.

    Nothing: Most circumstances, as in just kind of agreeing with the comment, general neutrality, not thinking much of anything, slightly disagreeing with the comment, etc.

    Downvote: Misinformation, really disagreeing with the comment, or the comment somehow made me feel negatively. Also, blatant hate, racism, homophobia or transphobia, bigotry, etc.

  2. I try and upvote any post I like, or that I believe will at least contribute to a good conversation. I pretty much only downvote bigotry, ignorance, trolling, and bullying.

  3. Generally upvote anything that adds to the conversation. However, if a top comment is good, but outclassed by lower comments that I think should be seen then I’ll downvote it.

  4. I upvote all threads where I comment and where the question is interesting, funny or original.

    I downvote every single video game related question because I hate gamers and their bullshit and all leading questions that are just disguised rants.

  5. Upvote: posts that fit the sub and relevant comments.

    Downvote: posts that don’t fit the sub and posts/comments that are irrelevant to the post or are offensive.

  6. I try to upvote everyone that replies to me. I don’t upvote hostile or nonsensical replies unless it’s funny enough to overcome those hurdles.

  7. Upvote if:
    I agree with it
    Thought provoking
    Already has a lot of upvotes
    Downvoted too much (just feel bad)
    If it’s the first reply and I upvoted the original comment
    If it’s posted by OP
    If I disagree,
    Backs up Nestlé,
    Backs up Russia
    Over use of slurs
    Breaking a chain

  8. I’m a super generous upvoter, I pretty much upvote anything I agree with, that’s funny, that teaches me something new, that’s helpful etc.


    I don’t downvote too often. I wouldn’t downvote someone just because I disagreed with their opinion, unless their opinion is very offensive or they are clearly trolling. I hate seeing people get downvoted on a thread about what movie do you love etc. Like it’s a harmless opinion, come on!

  9. I upvote things for visibility, because they’re neat, they made me laugh, cute animals, news regardless of whether I agree with the headline or not because information is what the internet is for… also tons of art and music.

    I rarely downvote. It’s reserved in my mind for people who are openly insulting towards users, say or do bigoted things, promote baseless conspiracies, hate speech in general, say misogynistic stuff, or promote violence against animals (like, throwing snowballs at cats).

    I rarely give out downvotes, but give out literally thousands of upvotes. I’ll always downvote Russian disinformation and trolls too. Stop trying to sway public opinion.

  10. Upvote – Any positive emotional response.

    Downvote – low effort trolling, Ads, bots, not appropriate for the sub (either breaks rules or r/lostredditors material), or I feel like they’re just being a dick for no reason.

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