What’s your wildest story that sounds too far-fetched to be true?

What’s your wildest story that sounds too far-fetched to be true?

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  1. The second, third, and fourth date I went on with my wife had super huge coincidences on them that if I’d planned them would either make me an enormous stalker or a master at planning.

    Date 2: I take her to a sushi bar where I happen to know the owners, what I didn’t know was that his daughter was going to show up that night towards the end of the dinner with a box of puppies, since we were the only ones left in the restaurant they asked if we wanted to play with them. My wife melted on the spot and instantly said “best date ever!”. Spent half an hour playing with puppies.

    Date 3: Took her to an aquarium that neither of us had ever been to before, what I’d found out the first date was that she was a huge fan of Beauty and The Beast and out of no where about halfway through the aquarium was a Disney exhibit with half the cast of The Little Mermaid and for no reason Belle who said “My friend Ariel invited me along!”. My wife was even wearing her brand new Belle themed backpack, the picture I have of the two of them together is one I’ll cherish forever.

    Date 4: Happened to fall on Valentines. I hadn’t planned on getting her anything that nice because honestly it was still a pretty new relationship, but the day before she told me that a necklace she’d been waiting for had just arrived and it was the music box key necklace from the movie Anastasia. Here’s where it gets weird: I already had the music box that key went to, I’d bought it for a previous relationship that didn’t work out and I’d never gotten a chance to give it that person, took me all of 15 minutes to find it in my storage and it was still new-in-box. Surprised my wife with it at dinner and she was in literal tears she was so happy. She’s said before years later that this was the moment she knew she’d marry me if I ever asked.

    Granted, I’ve never been able to top those dates, but I always try lol.

  2. I’m an American from the Midwest. I decided to go to Iceland when it was all the rage a few years back.

    Found myself several miles off road on a glacier. Decided it was as good a spot as any for lunch. Sit down on a rock and start eating a sandwich. Teo hikers comes up the trail. We say hi, they sound American too. Ask where they’re from. They tell me.

    “Oh that’s cool, my sister lives there. She works at *business*.”

    The female hiker gives me a funny look.

    “Is your sister *so-and-so*?”

    “Yeah! You know her?”

    “She’s my roommate.”

  3. That I once kicked a football and it went really high and there is a basketball court besides the football training area and the football I kicked went clean through the hoop.. I wish I could’ve recorded it or atleast had somebody with me to be the witness 😭

  4. My grandma lost her wallet while moving and blamed the moving company for stealing it. 40 years later when my uncle got the house and was remodeling it, one of the workers found the wallet , still with all of grandma’s cards and things from decades ago.

  5. My friends and I were out at one friend’s cottage, spending the night. We decided to play Kan Jam at 2 in the morning (because obviously). We started trying for trick shots, curving the frisbee instead of throwing straight. I closed my eyes, in the dark, and threw the disc. It went untouched right into the top of the can. To this day the only people that believe that story are the 4 guys I was with at the time

  6. When I was a long haul trucker.
    I stopped outside of Vegas for the night. Saw some weird assed shit, that I can’t explain.
    Lights in the sky moving in ways that shouldn’t be possible….up, down, back and forth……
    No possible way to be a chopper, or any other aircraft.
    Hands down, weirdest shit I’ve ever seen

  7. The first time I got on an airline. We were used to always flying in our own private aircraft; Until one time we had to meet my Dad in France. He had our plane in France with him and his Mistress. When I got on the aircraft at the airport I couldn’t understand why there were so many people on it. I told the pilot who I was and he had them all removed.

  8. Flooding after a hurricane caused fast-moving currents from a nearby river to unearth coffins buried in a riverbank cemetery and sent them floating downstream toward the dam.

    Cameras captured coffins being “lassoed” from rescue boats while others crashed against the dam and emptied their contents into the river.

    The documentary film that eventually followed accurately portrayed the intensity of the moment and the horror people felt – especially the family members and survivors of those whose coffins had been swept away in the flood.

  9. My grandpa has a very distant relative who killed a man he hated and his family (wife and three kids). The guy committed suicide in prison and my grandpa got told that he has to give the remaining family members money for emotional damages as he is the closest relative that the killer had. I think he ended up not having to pay them but we don’t really talk so I’m not sure.

  10. I got trapped in a ski resort cafeteria overnight when an avalanche took out part of the resort and the access road. At least we had plenty to eat and drink, though.

  11. I broke my arm 3 times. In the same spot of my arm.

    First time I broke it, I was 4, and I was a clumsy kid, I fell out of a tent (it takes skill, ok??) My parents had no idea it was broken until break number 2 happened.

    Break number two happened when I was 4 as well. I slipped and fell at tap dance, and my arm legit looked like a spoon.

    Break number 3, I was eight, and fell when my parents, sister and I were walking to our car from the state fair grounds, and I fell. My mom heard my arm snap, and she told me to grab my arm. So I did. My forearm made a right angle when I grabbed my arm, so obviously ER trip ensued.

    On a side note, I swear I was just a clumsy kid. My parents were in no way abusive.

  12. Met an astrologist when I was in college with some other friends. We heard about her and went there for gags and for fun.

    I asked her few questions and she answered them accordingly.
    She said I will settle in USA.
    My future wife will have a dark skin, rich and that I will love and marry her.
    I will work in something to do with air force or similar where I fly a lot.

    All turned out to be true. I worked for US airways for 7 years and flew a lot.

    But back then, I don’t know how the future will turn out. So thought may be she is just shooting in the dark based on my questions.

    But then my friend asked questions and it blew our minds.
    His parents want him to marry someone in family and she is 8 years younger than him. He didn’t want that to happen.

    He asked the astrologer same question and she said affirmative. He will marry someone in family and lot younger.

    Then I pushed him to go all in and explain her the situation and see if she can give any more details.

    The Astrologer then said the girls birthday will be in the last week of February. And told him the first and last letters of her first name will be vowels.

    And my friend confirms the astrologer was SPOT ON.

    He is now happily married to her like she predicted.

  13. Once i dreamed about sex with a girl from my school…… Teachers daughter…… We both had dicks but sometimes she had a vagina but I had dick all of the time. It was weird but i like it

  14. i definitely have a few but one of my personal favourites is when i was around the ages of 3-5 i lived in this very sketchy neighbourhood, behind my house was the most scariest, horrifying, straight out of a horror movie type house belonging to an old couple. they had this crazy ass dog called bronson who had bit and harmed many dogs in the neighbourhood, one of them being my friends dog who it bit the ear off of. the man and woman werent much more sane either, i would go outside to hang out with my friends and play in the streets when this woman would come at us all running full speed with a knife in hand. i have no idea how i didn’t get absolutely destroyed when i’m as slow as i am lmao, but i’m thankful to be alive!

  15. When I was 18 I walked across 3 states and hitchhiked another 2 just to kick a cocaine addiction. Went to rehab. Been clean from cocaine for almost 20 years now.

  16. I broke my skull and didn’t realise until I was like “hang on I’ve got a dent in my head” went to the doctors and they were like “yup u have fractured your skull” and showed me this CT scan of a massive creator in my head. Still to this day wondering how the fuck I did it

  17. I was killed in a traffic accident 1 day before my 8th birthday. I’m still surprised by that. It’s been 40 years and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

  18. I crashed a motorcycle at 40 miles an hour on my first time riding one. I was 14 and it was my Uncles, when I got it started and it moved I leaned back just a bit but fully pulled on the throttle.

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