When did you realized that a teacher can be a bully?

When did you realized that a teacher can be a bully?

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  1. My 3rd grade teacher absolutely hated a kid named Steven. Steven wasn’t a bad kid but he was kinda dopey. The teacher used to tell him he was an idiot whenever he said anything, she also threw a textbook and a desk at him

  2. 11th grade World Studies teacher was so nice to me because he knew I was interested in the subject. I always got A grades. Then I started dating my boyfriend (future first husband).

    Then, he only gave failing grades to where I could’ve failed for the year. No corrections. No reasons. If I hadn’t saved my tests and shown them to the guidance counselor, I would’ve had to repeat 11th.

  3. 5th grade. Our Music teacher told me I had a voice like a frog. In front of everyone. I still have a thing about singing. Even though I love it and I know I have an average-ish voice.

  4. My maths teacher, treated me like shit for years then immediately did the same to my younger sister once she joined the school, apparently he was really pleasant until he noticed the matching surname

  5. When one publicly shamed me for not owning a mobile phone as an 11 year old. My parents didn’t want me to have one because they new I was curious and find shit I wasn’t old enough to see (which is exactly what happened when they caved a year later and got me one) but this woman would make my life hell in French for no reason other than she didn’t like me.

  6. I had an undiagnosed leaning disability. Teacher said if I just tried harder I could just “learn to read”, so she made me do all the reading out loud for the class that there was. She thought the laughing and comments would motivate me somehow.

  7. When I was in kindergarten, I had three gym teachers that all seem like they hated me. Most vivid memory was one of them cornering me and yelling in my face with a mic on because that was the final straw that made me talk to my mom, but she didn’t believe me (she thought the mic made me imagine he was yelling)

  8. My school had a class that consisted entirely of the teacher getting worked up ranting at us about things he had an axe to grind with. Creationism, climate change denial, hating on atheists in general, you name it.

  9. 1st day i realized i needed glasses. I was asked to read the board. I couldnt so the teacher thought i just couldnt read and went on 5 minute triad about how could i have made it to the second grade.

    Next week i arrive in glasses. She asks me to read the board. i do so with ease, she replies “oh finally”. Humans are disgusting

  10. When my art techer kept singleing me out because I couldn’t finish things like a paper mache vase around a balloon in time.

    I had one functional arm and the other in a sling and plaster. You try holding a balloon in place and coating it in glue-dunked newspaper with one arm.

    Said teacher also made a point of looking directly at me when she said ‘don’t take art at GCSE if you’re not going to take it seriously and use it as a ‘free session’.’ Again. One arm. I wasn’t not trying or messing around. I. HAD. ONE. FUNCTIONAL. ARM.

    That actually might cross from bully into outright disability prejudice.

    Best part? I’d never have considered taking art anyway.

  11. I moved to the US when I was 8, didn’t speak a word of English and parents put me in public school so I would learn quickly. Everyone was understanding except for one teacher, who would get enraged when I didn’t understand her and/or not complete assignments. Enraged to the point where she’d grab me and lock me in closets till I finished the assignment in a language I couldn’t speak.

    Ironically I didn’t connect that this was bullying until I was in my 20s. Child me thought that I deserved it for being bad somehow. Good times, and most ironically of all English is my best language these days, I lost proficiency in my native tongue over the years

  12. Most teachers I’ve had were very nice or just weren’t bad to me, but when I was in elementary a teacher lied about my behavior and as a result I had to ask all my teacher every day about how good I was, but lucky for me they all never once said anything bad.

  13. About first week of primary school. We had to memorize a short poem, I had no problem with memorizing part, but I was terribly shy when I was supposed to recite in class.
    My teacher, instead of encouraging me, took me to her desk and tried to force me to recite in front of everybody (like that would help). Of course, I couldn’t. Then she shamed me more telling I was stupid if I’m unable to memorize a short poem, gave me a bad grade and sent me to stand in a corner.
    Worst teacher ever. Took me years to overcome my fear of performing in front any kind of public.

  14. My kindergarten teacher squeezed my hands so hard they actually went numb. This was all because I accidently sat in someone else’s seat at lunch.

    We ate lunch in the regular classroom, and I saw a space where no one was sitting. There was a small bag of crackers in front of that spot, but I assumed they belonged to someone else at the table since there was no drink or anything else which would indicate that someone was sitting there. I pushed the crackers toward the center of the table and sat down. The teacher came over and told me to get up. Then she grabbed my hands and squeezed then as tightly as she could, and she said “Marcy was sitting there, but you pushed her crackers away and sat there.” I would’ve argued with her, but I just wanted her to stop squeezing my hands so I apologized. The teacher kept berating me and squeezing my hands for at least another minute before letting them go. My hands were completely numb at that point, and the teacher sent me to time out. It took at least a minute to regain the feeling in my hands.

  15. My mother was elected to the Board of Education and negotiated teachers contracts. I was moved to the last desk in the rear of the classroom and never called on again.

  16. Had a teacher in the 7th grade who would straight up make kids cry by berating them in front of the whole class. They could get away with this in the late 80s / early 90s.

    It’s not until you become an adult yourself years later and realize just how sick of a fuck this guy was for getting off on the emotional torture of children.

  17. In 5th grade. My math teacher Mr. W, used to yell at us everyday. It wasn’t like because we’re being disrespectful, it was because I, who was on crutches, got to class late. I usually got to class late when I was on those. Mr. W made me sit in the back corner of the classroom. Far from the door. He also used to yell at the kid who had ADHD and wasn’t medicated because he didn’t do his homework.

  18. I can’t really remember any from when I was in school but when my son was in first grade he had a teacher who for some reason singled him out and constantly sent us home letters saying my son was behaving badly. The more we talked to her and tried to figure out what was going on her letters got more absurd. We talked with my son about what was going on and he was incredibly confused about the situation and would get upset thinking he was a bad kid. We spoke with the principal a few times but in the end we just had to wait the year out. Since and before that grade he never had any behavior issues in school and is currently a straight A student about to go into high school next year. Luckily most of his teachers since have been great but looking back I still have no clue what was wrong with that teacher although we talked to some other parents and it seemed she hated most of the boys in the class.

  19. When she locked a kid in the coat closet at the back of the classroom. She told him if he cried or anything, she’d add another hour on. She even looked like a witch. This was in the early 80s. Teachers got away with a lot more than they do today.

  20. My elementary school music teacher was a nightmare. Among many bad things he did to me, he singled me out and mocked me in every class over my performances, choice of instruments, a stutter I used to have, my race, and even my writings. It got so bad that eventually, a counselor worked out exempting me from his class. Years after I graduated, I heard that he was fired for pedophilia.

  21. It was the 4th grade. I had a tough home life so I wasn’t sure if I was correct with feeling like I was being targeted by the teacher. I would be berated for everything and anything. My family couldn’t and wouldn’t buy me gym shoes so I’d be yelled at every day for that. My school work was never good to her (only teacher I had that thought this). She would “jokingly” have favorite students and would tell me I would never be the favorite. She would also just skip over me when it was turn for something like line leader etc. I knew for sure I wasnt crazy for feeling targeted when other class mates would be talking about stuff we did in the past in her class and say “oh ya that teacher HATED you”
    TL:DR teacher targeted me and would berated me for anything even if it was out of my control in 4th grade

  22. I think I was in 1st grade. Had an accident in class and had to be sent to the nurses office. The nurse gave me a change of clothes and I had to wear a pull up. When I got back to class the teacher called me a baby and asked if I was wearing a diaper. At that point I knew she was a bully.

    The rest of the year she never called me by my name. Just baby.

  23. I was sitting for the first time next to this boy in class.

    The teacher gives us our copies and grades. I have something like 19/20. This was an english test (in a non english country). My classmate neighboor has 13/20.

    My classmate asks me to look at his copy so he can understand where he’s wrong. I look at the answers ; some of them were the same, I had the points but he didn’t. Turns out the teacher only gave good grades to the kids she liked.

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