When it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic “pass” for you?

When it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic “pass” for you?

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  1. “future milf” /
    “can probably outsmoke/drink you” /
    “5’6 cause it matters” /
    “let me meet your dog” /
    “hmu with your best pickup line” /
    “I made this as a joke”

    Just be creative, for fuck’s sake. People who use these tired lines are basically signaling that all they have going for them is their looks.

    One more thing: if you’re almost exclusively posting yourself in a bikini, I’m not interested. Not because I’m a prude or anything, but some girls’ profiles look like an 1800’s slave auction with the way they advertise themselves. It makes me feel like a pervert. It signals to me that they pride themselves on their looks instead of their character. Men aren’t as shallow as people think they are. A lot of us can see through that shit.

    I’m interested to see what women experience on the other end of Tinder. It’s probably much, much worse.

  2. Kids in the pictures. I don’t even stick around to see if he’s the father or not. It could be a neice, nephew or some other kid, but I’m not interested in being around children, so it’s an automatic nah for me.

  3. People who are super political in their bio. If all you have to say about yourself is your political affiliation, I already know it’s gonna be a headache to talk to you in text or person.

  4. Saying your passion is or that you love traveling. No kidding, everyone likes vacation…
    But also those girls seemed to correlate closely with being high maintenance.

  5. – Only having meaningless, solo selfies for their pictures
    – These or any variation of the following: “I live in the gym; I’m a gym rat; after work you can catch me in the gym” etc.
    – “Please have this…” or “be this type…”
    – “Princess treatment only” (lmao)
    – No bio or just their social media in it
    – Having a list of expectations
    – “We’ll get along if you can keep me entertained”. (It’s really the word “entertained” as if people are just for temporary amusement)

    All immediate no’s

  6. In a relationship now but for me it used to be for men:
    Army/gun pictures, fishing pictures,
    Car pictures, anime style pictures,
    Saying their height followed by “If that matters” , lads on tour pictures, any form of joke about Netflix and chill, right wingers, if they refer to women as “females”

    For women it was:
    If they did the hey mama lesbian finger pose, people who shame bisexuals, girls wanting a threesome with their ugly ass boyfriends

  7. Match.com buying them.

    They rig the algorithm.

    TBH I’ve had no luck on them and I find my life being sapped away swiping on people I’ve never spoken to.

  8. Dating someone online in general, so many dangers and you never know. Plus, my mother has had failed relationships and dangerous ones while raising me so its like annoying and a pain in the ass too.

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