When should you judge a book by its cover?

When should you judge a book by its cover?

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  1. My father told me when I was young that there are many situations when you should judge a book by it’s cover. Like if someone wears a shirt saying “I hate Muslims” or something, judge them. They chose their own cover.

  2. Anytime, really.

    Modern writers put A LOT of effort into their cover.

    I just read an article about this recently. There’s all sorts of psychological subtleties they use to say things they want you to know about their book.

    They’re really into it… like the directions birds are flying and shid mean different things. The shape of the clouds. Every thing you see on a cover is there for a purpose. (Well, for the authors into that)

    It’s pretty interesting

  3. Book cover is not a blank page, it’s filled with information placed by the writer for the reader. Read and judge the cover but keep it by yourself until it proven otherwise.

  4. When it has an *awesome* pic of Fabio in a torn vest, with lightning in the background, and the title includes the word “Fear”.

    You can be sure of a quality literary experience.

  5. Anyone who obviously copies celebrities is absolute scum and absolutely enjoys hurting people and/or is the worst Karen you’ll ever meet. ✂️👔

  6. Always. The idea that you shouldn’t is bullshit. You absolutely can and should judge books by their covers. If Fabio is kissing a well-endowed woman in a ripped bodice you’re not about to read an action packed political thriller, ya dig? The way people choose to present themselves says a lot about them and it’s absolutely fair to make judgments based on that. If you’re wearing a MAGA hat that does mean you’re a racist asshole. It does. If you’re wearing a shirt with a swastika on it and you have a shaved head and are openly carrying a gun you are a neo nazi. That’s just what you are. That’s the truth.

    Judge the cover. Judge it all you want. That’s why the cover is there. Go ahead and judge

  7. How they act when dealing with strangers. That is usually isnt a cover just who they are since dont have to put up a front/cover due to social or horny norms.

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