When you get into an anexity or panic attack, what are some ways that help you to get grounded or calm down that don’t involve medication?

When you get into an anexity or panic attack, what are some ways that help you to get grounded or calm down that don’t involve medication?

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  1. The 5 things game:

    Touch 5 different things

    Touch 5 different textures

    Find 5 different colors

    Find 5 different shades of the same color

    Spell out 5 different things you see around you

  2. This is something I’ve been struggling with for many years while trying to avoid going on ssri’s. I have a form of depersonalization anxiety. Some of my favorite/best techniques: chugging an absurd amount of water. Like 30+ ounces. That one usually helps at least take a slight edge off. Having my wife scratch my back helps. Pinching my arms can sometimes help. My techniques pretty much all come down to some form of physical sensation.

  3. I deal with anexity and ptsd from a major car accident from 2007. Sometimes my anexity meds don’t work so finding other methods to calm myself down

  4. The 54321 method:

    Focus on

    – 5 things you can see
    – 4 things you can feel
    – 3 things you can hear
    – 2 things to can smell
    – 1 thing you can taste

    This grounds you into the moment and helps you focus on what is physically around you at that time.

  5. For my friends, it usually helps when I talk them through the problem and provide a solution or a different point of view. Often, they can’t see the situation logically, so it helps them when I talk it through with them, because I’m calm and I can think it through and help them reason about it.

  6. As someone who has pretty severe anxiety issues, I highly recommend trying to get yourself on some form of medication.

    If, for whatever reason, that’s not possible, then these comments have pretty good suggestions.

  7. Take a day for yourself. Relax and forget about everything else. Also, there is no shame in medication. The human body is complex and meds can make us feel normal. Chemical imbalances, stress, it effects us greatly. Therapy is also an option. Don’t be afraid to get outside help to calm the waters.

  8. When I can’t get out of a panic attack or know a big one is coming I fill a ziplock bag with cold or iced water, lie down and rest it over my eyes and forehead. Simultaneously shocking and soothing.

  9. Breathing exercises and techniques. Seriously, they are super effective. They instantly lower my anxiety by about 55~60% . If done properly with a combination of a few thinking excercises, they can even reduce my anxiety by 95%. I’m so glad I found these exercises.

  10. Step outside for a bit and get into different settiing. I have found this to be helpful as I can calm my self down easier and don’t have to worry about other people. sometimes you just need a little bit of time to your self in these situations to gather your thoughts and get your self out of the panic attack.Panic attacks don’t usually last very long so this is a good option imo.

  11. Cold water on the face or wrists to slow heart rate, and I acknowledge the anxiety before telling myself that I’ve had this happen many times and nothing bad happened, so I’ll be okay.

  12. I learned this after I stopped having constant panic attacks, but carotid body massages can help. They probably wouldn’t be much use in a very acute attack with a clear trigger, but if you’re in a panic state with no trigger that might help lower your heart rate enough to help you calm down and stop the cycle

  13. saw this online, when you can feel the anxiety creeping in open a sachet of salt and pour it onto your tongue, it’s a trick that stops you from panicking and forced you to concentrate on finding a drink.

  14. I try to take deep breathes and count to 10. Drink some water and then walk around a bit. Get some fresh air if possible. Talking to friend or family also help if they care to listen.

  15. I have a necklace that spins (its a woman with one side where her eyes are closed and the other where theyre open) and it helps me ground during panic attacks

  16. I actually stole this from Jessica Jones (!) but my psychotherpist says it’s a useful tactic:

    Name the street that you grew up on. Then name the next street over. Then the next. If there’s multiple possible streets, basically name your most common route, or a route to someone where specific (like your school).

    It helps focus your mind and uses your memory, so you really have to *think*

    Another tactic is to focus on your body. WHERE in your body are you feeling the anxiety? How does it manifest physically?

  17. I straight up talk to that bitch. I talk shit to it.

    I’m not joking. I’ll call the anxiety a motherfucker and tell it “not today you piece of shit”

    I struggle weekly, sometimes nightly, with fighting off panic attacks. Haven’t had one hit me hard in years now with my uh…”technique” lol

  18. I have a close group of friends who are akin to family to me. We all have our issues but settle down for each other the sec one is in trouble… I have alot of anxiety and my friends despite being across different countries now will above and beyond atleast one of them come on and play some games and talk to me about life. That alone gets me to stop hyperventilating.

    I’m… very big on love, platonic or romantic , and I guess I think about how much everyone around me loves me and my heart melts at the all the love I don’t deserve but take anyway.

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