When you say “sit on my face”, do you mean sit down relax or hover?

When you say “sit on my face”, do you mean sit down relax or hover?

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  1. One could also sit “Asian” style. Stay on one’s feet with the other’s head between the heels and bend at the knees until one is In A squatting position. It’s good for eating ass, or so I hear. I guess technically it isn’t sitting, though.

  2. When I say I wanna sit on someone’s face, I mean hover. A lot of guys seem to think suffocation by thighs and pussy is the ideal way to die, on the other hand, and want you to actually SIT

  3. As much weight as YOU can relax without it hurting YOU. We will do what we do best and endure, for our own enjoyment.

    Cause I get that if you sit all the way way down our chin bone or teeth might dig in which I imagine would hurt.

    So again, sit to relax as much as you can without it hurting you. Reposition / re-angle if need be.

    Like let me exaggerate. I’m pretty sure that if it were feasible, most men would shove their whole head inside if they could; is how much we want women to sit on our face.

  4. Listen to me, woman…..

    We said SIT. We mean SIT. We want you to SIT.

    If you aren’t settling down, getting comfy, smothering us with thighs and booty and using our faces as sex toys then you’re not doing it right.

  5. I mean I want you to slowly lower yourself down onto my eagerly awaiting lips. I want you to tease me by hovering just inches above, letting me breathe in your intoxicating scent, until I literally beg you to let me taste it. And then I want you to sit your full body down on me. Let my tongue begin to explore every inch of your perfect wetness. I want you to grind on me, humping my face with no intention of stopping. I want to have to struggle for every breathe and to feel your wetness coating me, running all through my beard. I want you to take what you want, fuck my face without any concern for me, don’t let up until I’ve managed to make you tip over the edge and cum all over me.

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