Where are you from and what do you think of your government?

Where are you from and what do you think of your government?

What do you think?

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  1. Colombia, and this is fucking nuts, I believe that getting politicians to govern is the worst idea of all, there should be some type of MD in politics to engineers, doctors, and people that actually know numbers.

  2. US. I’m supposed to be suspicious and untrusting of the government.. except when it comes to vaccines. When those are approved by the government we should trust them.

  3. I live in rural Midwestern U.S. I think our government has far too many agricultural subsidies which overemphasizes the production of a few specific crops such as corn and soy. I think we’d see a better variety of crops with more people going into agricultural if we drastically cut subsidies like New Zealand.

  4. Canada. We have a government bent on bankrupting us while our leader has been caught repeatedly engaging in blatant corruption. So he’s taking after his daddy who also bankrupted us during his day.

  5. USA

    Dysfunctional. Half of the government is literally actively working to make it fail, and the other half isn’t willing to do enough to make it succeed.

    90% of voters don’t care either way and just vote for their team in every election while also complaining about how nothing changes.

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