Where do you think the world would be right now if women had to orgasm also in order to get pregnant?

Where do you think the world would be right now if women had to orgasm also in order to get pregnant?

What do you think?

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  1. It would actually be worse for women because it would incentivize men that much more to use them for sex but not give them orgasms. It would also incentivize women to give into it more.

  2. A lot of men would be left wondering why their wife just isn’t getting pregnant 😂 Followed by deflated egos and an overall consensus that they just suck at sex.

  3. Population would have died out by now. Men think women are orgasming all the time. We aren’t. Porn is fake and sadly women fake it for their partners way too often.

  4. Birthcontrol would be a lot cheaper. There would likely be a charity established for those who can’t achieve orgasms and female viagra, and a lot more research into IVF.

  5. Women would learn how to orgasm consistently and quickly. It can be done. Always ironic that the conversation about men not lasting has automatic consensus but somehow the opposite cannot possibly be the case. Anyhow, in my experience women who masturbate regularly don’t take long to reach the destination. I’d bet if it was a necessary function to reproduce they’d master it young and be happier for it. The hilarious thing is women seem to think men were born with no problem ejaculating. Reality is we have to learn it too. We just get all that learning done in 3-4 months after puberty grabs hold. We fondle that thing daily. Often multiple times a day for those early years. If women pushed their button, especially early on, as often as men, or really boys, do. They’d have it down. Don’t get me wrong, there would still be guys that just plain sucked at sex. But I think it would be less prevalent.

  6. There’d be less people, but that raises the question of how that’d function.

    like, would the egg only release on orgasm, fundamentally changing the menstrual cycle (possibly making it easier to make babies for alot of couples) or is it a case of activation, where the menstrual cycle is the same but an extra chemical is released to activate the egg.

    Just something to think about.

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