Where the fuck did the “push the birthday person’s head into their cake” thing cone from? And why do people do it?

Where the fuck did the “push the birthday person’s head into their cake” thing cone from? And why do people do it?

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  1. Well, in the past it would sometimes happen from a little bit of a cake smoosh when feeding each other. That was considered cutesy, like when a small child has something on their cheek and someone else wipes it off. Bit infantilized, but whatever. Then sometime after the millennium it warped into this monster wedding and birthday trope.

    Sometimes I think memes mix together in people’s heads in strange ways before coming back out. The birthday cake version has a distinct “pie in the face” vibe to it.

    Then again, I’m sure some people thought the tide pod thing was funny. Humor is very subjective… I just hope I’m not subjected to anyone else’s humor if they like this stuff.

    “It’s just a prank, bro.” became way too normal at some point.

  2. I remember seeing a picture in the old days of the internet. Someone had smashed a ladies head into a cake before the pins that keep it steady had been removed. It wasent pretty, not that the lady would be able to tell anymore.

  3. This practice actually started on October 16, 1793 in Paris, France. That was the day Marie Antoinette was guillotined. As a way of ridiculing Marie’s infamous catchphrase “Let them eat cake”, the executioner placed a cake inside the basket situated to catch her decapitated head.

    Every year thereafter to celebrate Marie’s death, Parisians started pushing heads into birthday cakes emblematic to her decapitated head falling into the basket and onto the cake. This practice caught on in other countries, and has since become a worldwide phenomenon.

  4. We don’t actually know but, it’s rumored to have started In the 50’s by a group of women in California. Some say they were intentionally ruining the cakes because they were insecure of there baking skills as they left the home and began focusing on their careers. Others might tell you that it was because a girl named Edith was getting fat and her mother ruined the cake as discipline.

  5. Don’t do that.I know the person who had a toothpick in the eye after someone pushed him into the cake. If it is double or triple layered cake it is possible that there are some stuff to keep this cake standing. Horrible thing to do.And very silly

  6. Because some people can’t stand that the attention is not on them. So they do it to take away the attention from the birthday person, and also to take away the enjoyment the birthday person is getting from having their special moment.

  7. It seems to be common with people from Mexico (not sure about other Latin Am countries.) Most such parties I’ve been to, they blow out the candles then somebody starts chanting “Que la muerde!” (Let them bite it!) or “Que la come!” (Let them eat it!) after which the person’s head gets slammed into the cake. The recipient is usually not too amused, but it’s a thing they do. And Latin Americans in general like “tres leches” cake, which is especially watery and sloppy. I call it “cake soup!”

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