Which animal is actually really cool but does not get enough mainstream recognition?

Which animal is actually really cool but does not get enough mainstream recognition?

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  1. Worms. Specifically earthworms. I mean using the word cool is subjective but they’re vital to our ecosystems and in us living, similarly to bees but bees get the recognition – worms don’t.

    As important as they are alive for distributing nutrients and organisms and decomposing matter, worms are also very important in the food chain. They provide a crucial protein-rich source of food for other important species like birds, hedgehogs and frogs. Arguably without earthworms in our soils, life could vanish pretty quickly. We would have less food, more pollution, and more flooding.

  2. Pigeons are right up there with horses and dogs in terms of helping people and being domesticated, but are treated like filthy rats.

    They’re actually pretty smart, friendly, love people, and not dirty or diseased more so than other animals. You’re more likely to get a disease from a stray cat or dog.

    They also don’t cause nearly as much environmental damages as other domesticated animals like cats.

  3. Addax, also known as Screw-horned Antelope

    Really cool and really rare in the wild. And absolutely adorable. What makes them cool, you ask? They can actually go their entire life without drinking water. They have some cool adaptations that means they can get enough water to survive from vegetation. If water is available they will drink regularly, but they don’t *have* to.

    Also the Takin. Google it, you’ll swear it is some weird bear/moose/goat hybrid humans created. But they are awesome and deserve so much more recognition!

  4. Snakes. They’re not only cute as fuck (just look at their faces!), but really chill if cared for correctly. A friend of mine kept two pet snakes and she usually fed them frozen mice that she’d heat up on the hob first. I was allowed to handle the snakes and they felt amazing. I fell in love with snakes at that moment.

    They are high maintenance pets though, you can’t just keep a snake in a tank and forget about it. They’re smart animals and benefit from play and interaction. I wouldn’t be up for owning one myself, but they are wonderful animals. Venomous snakes in the wild should obviously be avoided or handled with care, but there are many harmless types of snakes we can keep as pets if that’s your inclination.

  5. Ferret

    They’re smart, athletic, goofy, they can be very cuddly, are good puzzle solvers, can be potty trained effectively, and their war dances are hilarious.

  6. Armadillos. Seriously, they’re like living tanks. Oh, and anteaters. They honestly feel like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

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