Which basic skill are you REALLY bad at?

Which basic skill are you REALLY bad at?

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  2. Sometimes it feels like a Q&A when I receive phone calls or texts since I have no idea how to carry on a conversation. I make an effort to speak slowly and politely to avoid sounding rude, but it still feels weird.

  3. Timing/keeping a rhythm. My brain just won’t let me keep a beat to save my life. Useless in Rock Band. Especially on the drums. Keeping time to separate beats with your hands AND your foot? Might as well ask me to paint the dang Sistine Chapel

  4. Directions while driving, something about being trapped in one direction in a moving metal box makes me completely lose all my composure when I need to get to somewhere I haven’t been. Walking is fine, I can take all my time getting my bearings but on the road or god forbid the highway, I panic a bit

  5. Telling my left from my right. I get them from in casual conversation CONSTANTLY, to the extent that people have stopped even commenting on it and just assume I mean left when I say right.

  6. Making and keeping friends. I think I’m one of those “small doses” kind of people, like you want to spend a little time with me once in a while, but no one wants to get close to me.

  7. Floors. I can clean a kitchen or bathroom to gleaming… except for the floors. I’m terrible at sweeping and mopping. I can be at it for hours and someone will come in and find something I missed.

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