Which community/fandom are you ashamed to be apart of and why?

Which community/fandom are you ashamed to be apart of and why?

What do you think?

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  1. Rick and Morty, do I need to explain why? Too many whooping jackasses smashing up McDonald’s because they missed the point of a
    one episode throwaway reference

  2. Degenerate part of weeaboo fandom, not just your average weeb, but a weeb with a body pillow, a waifu for 7 years and a room full of posters and figurines

  3. Steven universe Fandom

    they harrased a child with cancer just becuz “hE SpOilEd ThE sHoW”

    and they made a small business almost bankrupt

  4. The dream team fandom, I enjoy all of their content, but past problematic things dreams done have really put a bad image on him.. his fans are also.. terrifying in a way

  5. I really enjoy Dream’s manhunt videos because they’re really entertaining and cool, but I know the guy himself is a total dweeb and his fans are… *shudder*

  6. This is going to sound bad, I don’t need judgement. Just placing my thoughts.
    But LGBTQ+

    I’m trans, ftm & 18.

    But the amount of things we allow into the community?
    Like, it’s now okay for 45 y/o men/women to date a 13 y/o?
    or dress up like an animal and walk around acting like said animal?

    Pronouns is another thing,
    I met someone with the pronouns “toast” literally toast. Why can’t we just have, he/him, she/her, they/them?? What’s up with the xe ze shit??

    There’s this kid, 13 y/o, friends wit my sister.
    Born female, okay? I’m going to use her birth pronouns for a reason.
    She has changed her sexuality, gender and name more times than even the biggest germ freak in the world changes their underwear.
    One time, they were lesbian AND pansexual at the same time. Another they were FTM and lesbian🤦🏻‍♂️
    They came out as FTM, cut their hair, but still wears “girls clothes” but changed their name to “Daniel” a week later, it was “Max” then a week later it was Syd, then it was this and that and blah blah.
    I counted, in one year, this kid has changed their name 42 times.
    My sister have been trying their best to be supportive, of not just me but of everyone, including this kid.
    But because of how often the name changes, they just started calling her by her birth name.
    And when they do this, the kid gets upset and yells at them saying they’re homophobic and transphobic and blah blah. They’re gonna get jumped blah blah. Then slanders them all over social media.
    It’s fairly embarrassing, not for my sisters but for her.
    I understand that maybe she’s just confused or searching for attention, but that’s exactly my problem. Regardless of her reasoning. We HAVE to accept it. I’d love to be accepted by everyone. I know that won’t happen, but when it comes to a 13 y/o that lost her mother when she was a baby, we HAVE to accept it, or it’s bullying. But when it comes to an 18 y/o (or anyone that is genuinely serious and knows what they’re talking about) You don’t NEED to accept it, because if it’s not okay in your eyes than it’s not okay.

    Another thing, this is something that I’m hugely upset about as a trans man that’s not very accepted.
    I met one of my GF’s friends, also FTM.
    Uses he/him and (here we go again) “it” pronouns.
    The first time I ever met this guy, he’s dressed in a crop top and skirt, knee high boots and a face filled with makeup…But only dated women (as far as i know)
    Why would you go through the trouble of changing your whole identity, only to continue to dress and act the way you would as a wlw?

    I spent years as a “gay girl” dating women because i knew if I spoke up about being a man, i wouldn’t be accepted so easily, especially since it was already hard enough being accepted as wlw.
    But I didn’t dress feminine, I tried my best actually to avoid all feminine things.
    It was only when I came out as trans that I was able to cut my hair, get rid of all the female clothes I kept in my drawers for my family & use the correct pronouns that I got rid of everything but a closeted/out trans man’s worst fear before being able to start T, my period.
    My period, big boobs, no penis & the fact that my family (specifically my mother) refuses to use my preferred name (which i’ve been using for the last 6 years before coming out) and he/him pronouns,
    those are the only things tying me down to being a female.

    But this kid just throws that shit out the window by doing that.

    Make it make sense.

    I’m absolutely ashamed sometimes to be apart of this community.

  7. been a kpop fan since 2020 and i swear not only are there so many feral 12 year olds out there but i was once just as bad as them. everybody looks at kpop fanbases and thinks jeez these are just a bunch of teen girls being creepy and while theres plenty of nice kpop stans out there (id like to think im nice or at least nicer nowadays) theyre really right and its kinda sad

  8. Danganronpa. the average DR fan is an edgy 13 year old or a racist weeb who’s way too into one of the girls. i simply fell in as a young teen and could not crawl back out. i still write fanfics and create fanart for DR, my skills would not have improved had it not been for my intense special interest. not to mention Danganronpa itself is really shitty in multiple aspects and it’s very hard to justify my interest in it. i’ve learned to avoid people who mercilessly shit on it, but i’m always down to have a conversation about how problematic it is and share my criticisms lmao

  9. Nascar. I enjoy the racing, but everyone who likes it is automatically assumed to be some redneck trump fan. It stinks because the 5% of the fans make everyone seem like that

  10. reddit

    Why? There’s literally a question on the front page of this subreddit asking why there isn’t a license to have kids. Imagine telling someone you use this site, they come here for the first time, and that question is the first fucking thing they see.

  11. South Park.

    You might not believe it but that fandom is full of creepy proshippers, fetish artists, cp artists, those cringey 6 year olds that use deviantart for some reason (though that doesn’t surprise me since the show does look kid appealing at first glance), gacha heat youtubers, did fakers, dream stans, yandere glamorisers, the list goes on and on.

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