Which company do you hate with a passion?

Which company do you hate with a passion?

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  1. Subway.

    They knew Jared was a pedo but ignored it because he was good for business. When he got busted they said they didn’t ‘condone’ his behaviour but were fine with it when people didn’t know.

    I will forever boycott them for that.

  2. U-haul. I’ve had two trucks of theirs that broke down, and another time they screwed up my billing and then sent me to collections without even contacting me to try to get me to pay the balance (I didn’t actually owe anything). Just all of a sudden I had vulture collectors calling me 3 or 4 times a day. I will never do business with them again.

  3. Nike
    They pull the entire righteous thing in the US. But they keep their sweatshops going and look the other way if they’ll lose money over standing up for something. Purely vultures. They’ll be perfectly fine advertising against a social movement if it makes them more money than backing said social movement

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