Which country has the worst president at the moment?

Which country has the worst president at the moment?

What do you think?


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  1. I am not sure if they are called “presidents”. Very few countries have a top leader with that title.

    But countries with the worst leader?

    Either Russia or North Korea.

  2. Mexico, the worst president (in social, violence and economic terms) in decades. Let’s see what happens in 2024 when it’s supposed to leave, but we think that he is going to reform the constitution to keep the power for a longer period. Venezuela and Cuba here we go 🥲

  3. Turkey/Erdoğan, Addition to his oppressive rule, he smuggles cocaine from Venezuela with his son.

    Also arrests journalists and opposition leaders

    Sells his countries land to rich Arabs in exchange of “commotion”

    Threatens neighboring countries with war to gain support.

    Once he tried to give trucks load of ammunition to the ISIS, a Turkish journalist found out about that and made it public, he is still in prison for “revealing confidential government information”

    He once emptied the whole 253 billion dollars of the national treasure in one day to “fight inflation”

    He works with mafia to silence opposition.

  4. Brazilians are so self-centered that ignore

    Argentina, Russia, China, North Korea, Phillipines, Angola, Venezuela, Cuba

    To create a post trashing Bolsonaro, like he is a dictator, a warmonger, or brought famine to the country like the above and many more.

    Get a grip

  5. There is only one candidate as the current US President Joseph Biden has created havoc throughout the world.
    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a good contender as he sends his bully boys to invade other countries, assassinate the legitimate governments leaders, businesses, and civilians, leaving behind destruction and chaos for the local residents.
    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to assassinate his critics across the globe. Despite his shortcomings, we believe that Erdogan is a lesser evil when compared to the current world’s president synonym — Joe Biden.

  6. Is no one saying Russia like damn Ik Issa easy first comment but… Like that shits fucked also no disrespect to ppl commenting other shitty prezs there are a lot of assholes out there but like he already has control of the worlds largest country what more could he possibly fucking want

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