Which fictional character do you hate the most?

Which fictional character do you hate the most?

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  1. Currently: Eve from Dawson’s Creek. And I’ll say it’s not just because of her actual actions in the show, it’s really just how bizarrely incongruous she is with the show’s tone. Even if one views her as a sort of “Archetype come to life” with the Femme Fatale trope… she just doesn’t work.

    She’s this incredibly hot, highly sexual adult woman who by the writing’s own indication has essentially been combing the New England/East Coast seaboard for her birth mother… so she doesn’t actually have a clue exactly where she needs to search for that info, but somehow she finds the info and breaks into the Lindley house and locates the photo of her mother instead of, you know, asking Grams or Jen about her mom like a normal person. Also, this is early internet, was she just going to hold onto the photo and leave? What was she even going to do with a photo that’s 30-40 years old?

    And all of that still doesn’t touch on how weirdly sexually forward she is with a literal child (Dawson is 16) and I know the show often has inappropriate ages for the trysts, but she *knew* he was a junior in high school because she was showing up to his school and dangling a PSAT cheat sheet in front of him. Like how in the hell is this a character the writers were actually chill creating?

    Her manner of speaking is obnoxious too, because she isn’t really verbally sparring with Dawson which Jen or Joey or others do quite well. She’s just engaging in constant innuendo and it doesn’t work.

  2. Currently: the protagonist of Last Kingdom. I started watching that shit last night and he is such a *chode*. Uudtri or some shit like that.

    Once I start something I have to finish it, but I have a feeling I’m gonna fuckin’ hate this show and it’s 100% because of him.

  3. Katy from Letterkenny. She’s a very mean person but gets whatever she wants with no comeuppance, nor does she ever get the piss taken out of her like the rest of the characters do.

  4. Pam Beesley – Bitch was told she should move to Philly to pursue a Graphics Arts career at the Career Day, but drug Jim through shit because he wanted to move to Philly.

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