Which hobby do you no longer pursue and why?

Which hobby do you no longer pursue and why?

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  1. Making beer. Fun hobby but stopped for a few reasons.
    1. Lots of cleaning.
    2. I was drinking too much beer.
    3. Getting fatter drinking too much beer.

  2. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons a lot with my friends but now where all too busy with work and don’t have a proper place to play anymore. I really want to play again

  3. Forging, metal working, carpentry, everything in between that I used to do in my garage and to the condo.

    Now the condo sold a few weeks ago and the apartments we moved to don’t have electricity in the seperated garages. So all my tools are in a public storage now. Making me slightly depressed…

  4. recently gave up debating. i used to love it so much and wanted to devote all of my time and energy to it. university entrance examination comes though, i have to regretfully abandon it – at least for a while.

  5. Magic The Gathering.
    Extremely fun game. Would love to keep playing it. But the costs associated with the cards as well as the constant need to update your decks are expenses that I simply can’t justify in the long run. Playing casually is too limiting to have good fun and playing ‘for real’ is too expensive. Nowadays, I just watch other people play it. I do miss it, but not enough to be tempted to go back.

  6. Remixing music. I had millions of views and then YouTube deleted my channel and when I appealed it i got the channel back but most of the videos got deleted. Thankfully some of videos are uploaded on other accounts and they still have views, for example I made a remix called ‘Makaveli Rise’ in 2013 and with all of the different uploads it has about 5 million views collectively

    I used to love remixing but if I upload now I barely crack 100 views so I quit

  7. Bourbon collecting. It’s set up to cater to those that drop thousands of dollars in stores. The more I delved into it, the more I realized how stupid it was. If you only show up to bourbon drops and don’t spend money on stupid store picks, you get laughed at and called a “tater.” It’s dumb. Don’t do it.

  8. Skateboarding. Joined the military and got a back injury. I tried to heelflip 3 years after and I landed funny. Couldn’t walk for weeks. Haven’t been on one since.

  9. I used to be deep into a telnet game called Realms of Despair. It’s still alive, 30 years on – I checked into it a few months ago, and I recommend getting into it if you like D&D/Sword & Sorcery MUDs – but it became too time-consuming when I went to college.

  10. Coding. Painting. Drawing. Gunsmithing. Gaming. Reading. Cooking. DnD. Running. Working out. Watching movies. Creating websites. Home upgrades. Collecting knives. Throwing axes. Archery. Stone smithing.

    Why? ADHD

  11. I loved sketching and painting as a kid, though I wasn’t very good at it. However, my art teacher always made fun of my drawings and criticized me. Now I have completely given up on this hobby, though I want to restart it.

  12. Solving Rubik’s cubes and other similar puzzles. I ended up spending a lot of time learning how to solve it, but as soon as It started getting into really advanced and complicated ways to solve them it lost the fun for me

  13. Shooting: ammo got too expensive, plus I’ve met some asshole range supervisors when shooting, not to mention shooters who lack any concept of range safety. The range I like is an hour drive away which makes shooting a real time commitment.

    Stamp collecting: People don’t send letters anymore and plus, how ducking boring could I be?

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