Which job did you quit fastest?

Which job did you quit fastest?

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  1. I worked for 2 hours at a Burger King before I quit. I was only shceduled 11 hours of work after being promised at least 25, and they cut me half way through my first shift because it was slow.

  2. Probably when I worked for a third party that contacted with AT&T, it felt like I was in a sweatshop the place used to be a warehouse for what idk. I was out right after training.

  3. Got a job at my country’s version of Dollar Tree. I quitted on my 10th day there. Went home during lunch break and never came back till this day. Toxic evil supervisors treated me like shit and the store had no working toilet.

  4. I interviewed for a recruitment agency a while back and one of the questions they asked me was what sort of things I would spend the bonus/commission on. I had a think and said probably saving up for a deposit on a house. They asked me to think again and later said that often having multiple goals (e.g. new car, holiday, technology etc) helped you to “put the time into scoring that next commission”.

    They ended up offering me the role but after having a think about the red flags that interview gave me, I noped out of that company (and, for that matter, the entire field of recruitment/sales) and instead moved into supply chain.

  5. Double glazing interviewer. The idea was that interviewers would be dropped off in an area to conduct surveys on home insulation. We would then recommend a consultation with an expert (salesman) whenever it turned out that the person needed more insulation. I started at 10 am for training and left at 12 whenever we took a break for lunch.

  6. I’ve been hired at a newbury comics in a New Hampshire mall twice, both times I didn’t show up for my first day. The second time I at least went to the store, but I saw who my co workers would be through the window and said nah nvm.

  7. I applied to several jobs and missed out on my dream job so took a grunt-work job. Dream job called back to offer me a position, so I quit the grunt work job after 2 days. Felt bad but I was also thrilled at the new position.

  8. A temp job at Wells Fargo, the worst company in the world.

    I was 3rd string Quality Assurance for their mortgage branch. So what that means is I call people, and ask them to verify their personal information for the THIRD time in order to confirm the first two people got it right.

    My day involved a lot of people yelling at me for my job being a pointless waste of time. I agreed. When my manager informed me he’d been doing it for 2 years and did the same thing as me despite being the manager, I noped out of there real fast. Went back to being a teacher’s aide at a special needs school.

  9. I was 14 and got a job through a family friend at a leather tannery. It paid $3.00/ hour. I showed up and was handed a pair of gloves. They had holes in them. My job was to cover raw cow hides with salt. I would cover one side, then flip and cover the other side. I quit at lunch

    I showered 3 times that day and could not get the stink off of me

    I went back to mowing the neighborhood lawns for some spending cash

  10. I stocked grocery shelves at night the summer I graduated from High School. It was a 10pm-6am shift. I hated it right away, and my back hurt like hell. The folks I worked with were like no other people I had met, the sort of crazies that only come out at night. It was also weird watching everyone drive to work as I was driving home, and trying to fall asleep at 7am in the morning. I quit in under 2 weeks.

  11. One of my first jobs was helping a lady in my neighborhood with her home daycare. I was getting next to nothing but just wanted to get away from my own mother.

    First day she made all these promises to parents about development and milestones and gentle parenting.

    She turned into a different person when parents left. Spankings, locking kids in cribs, making kids wear diapers so she didn’t have to take them potty, leaving kids in dirty diapers for hours upon hours.

    I remember a “tip” she gave me. Parent will notice if you barely use any diapers. So you have to take them out of the diaper bag even if you barely change the child.

    I last a week. And only because I was an awkward teenager

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