Which jobs are morally wrong?

Which jobs are morally wrong?

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  1. Those people that market fake health insurance bullshit on the TV channels aimed at the elderly, or sell snake oil to the old/disabled/chronically ill as though it actually works. I’m not sure what those jobs are formally called, but back in my day we called them “con artists.”

  2. When I was an intern I was working for biodegradable plastic company, they added an additive that reduces the lifetime of plastics from thousands of years to dozens of years in the environment.

    But it produces an increased volume of micro-plastics in the process. And by using their additive, it introduces degradation properties into other plastics meaning the products can’t be recycled well and will eventually end up in landfills

  3. Basically any job where the goal is to deceive people instead of being honest and forthright about what you’re selling. So sales, marketing, advertising, etc.

    Corporate executive. Your job is to figure out the best way to exploit people to maximize profits. Most of the immorality displayed by companies is the result of policies created by people in those positions.

  4. All of them in a sense? Think about it if the machines did have all the jobs and money becomes a lot less of an issue people could finally purse there interests like writing or inventing new things and sure there would be some lazy people but there always are and now there would be people to help them find their passion

  5. Any Military or Military related jobs when your country is an Imperialist power or somewhat like that or Neocolonial or Hegemonic like. Well, i guess you can include jobs in Intelligence/Security agencies, political jobs etc. that help/advance your immoral and detestable Countries grip, power and influence over others, like CIA, NSA, Russian FSB and others, perhaps not ALL jobs in those but most.

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