Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ?

Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ?

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  1. sex in the city is actually sex AND the city. i always knew it was “and” but what messes up my head is seeing people mess it up every single time. it shouldn’t be that hard to notice 💀

  2. It may just be Know Your Meme being wrong, but the internet seems to have a collective agreement of it. I am 1000% certain that we were telling Chuck Norris fact jokes LONG before 2005. Like… I remember telling them in middle and high school in the 90s.

    Apparently, it started on Something Awful in 2005 though. Which means I told my first Chuck Norris fact at almost 25 years old?




  3. Not the most crazy, but the most recent for me is finding out Bigfoot – *the* Bigfoot – had breasts. My whole life I never noticed. How did I never notice that? Not once?

  4. The Thinker by Rodin was my first and most shocking one. I remember it with the fist on the forehead. My grandmother had a small white marble copy of it which is also now different! This is what led me to finding out there was such a phenomenon as Mandela Effect. I searched for ‘Rodin’s Thinker no longer has his fist on his head’ and found out I’m not the only one. Prior to this, I’d never heard of the phenomenon.

    The next one for me is Moonraker. Jaws’ girl Dolly had braces. About 5 family members all were utterly stumped by the fact she now has no braces, including hubby and FIL who are Bond fans. The braces were a visual gag and why they gelled as a romantic couple. The Dolly character no longer makes sense.

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