which movie is a great hidden gem and why?

which movie is a great hidden gem and why?

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  1. The Man from Earth.: A very well made dialogue based movie.very engaging

    Carnage : adapted from a play with brilliant performances from A listers. Also dialogue based.

    Two Mules for sister Sara : Clint Eastwood and Shirley Maclaine

    Den of Thieves : good heist movie

    Shot caller : good prison movie

    First reformed: poetic

    Bad Day to Go Fishing : bittersweet and funny

  2. Tortilla Soup (Mexican-American re-make of Eat Drink Man Woman)

    Lone Star/The Secret of Roan Inish- great John Sales directed movies

    Niagara – film noir with Marilyn Monroe

  3. *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof*. It used to be considered a classic; now it seems like it’s mostly forgotten. Tennessee Williams is one of the greatest writers in American history, and *Cat* is his best work.

  4. Equilibrium (2002) – the style of the film, the music, the editing, they bring out emotions in me while the main character is experiencing them for the first time

  5. Bicentennial Man. Robin Williams was a national treasure regardless and could do no wrong….but the movie is so beautiful and takes you through every emotion possible

  6. Farewell My Queen. French film, with sub-titles, about Marie Antoinette’s last days told from the Versaille staff POV. I’ve seen it many times and I don’t like re-watching movies. Great acting, beautiful film.

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