Which product would improve humanity most if it’s cost were lowered to $1?

Which product would improve humanity most if it’s cost were lowered to $1?

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  1. Basically everything needed to have a less stressed, healthy life. Healthcare and medicine, education, housing, food and basic necessities. People are always stressed trying to afford just to live. Easing this burden would greatly help.

  2. Everything. If you take away monetary value of “things” your worth would start to be defined by the contribution to society rather than what things you can own/buy.

  3. Most of the answers here like toilet paper would screw up the economy. Price would be so low that there would be massiv demand and not enough supply creating a black market for toilet paper.

    Education could work but it would still have ti be subsidized by someone, the true cost can’t actually be $1

  4. Bitcoin.

    I’m reluctant to screw with anything that matters. Change the price of housing that dramatically that quickly and a bunch of investment portfolios go immediately bust, and we cause a massive run on banks.

    Diamonds – eh, maybe? They’re sort of industrially useful, but they’re not a big part of the world’s economy as it is.

    Bitcoin on the other hand has no value what so ever. It’s utterly pointless. It should not exist. It’s just a massive environmental catastrophy where we build incredibly complex machines out of rare materials and then blow vast amounts of electricity through them to generate a number which is arbitrarily assigned a value because people can speculate on them.

    They’re the most absurd speculative bubble since the tulip and should be banned – but failing that, reducing their cost to “it’s no longer worth mining the things” would massively reduce global pollution and waste.

  5. Housing.

    People can lose their jobs, but still have a roof over their head, which sadly in the real world doesn’t always happen. Also the amount of homeless people sleeping on the streets is a worldwide pandemic just like covid.

    Having them housed would not only help them improve their own lives but also would reduce the spread of covid because they aren’t sleeping on the streets. Suicide rates would go down too, and more people would be inclined to seek help for any addictions they may have.

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