Which propaganda effort was so successful, people still believe it today?

Which propaganda effort was so successful, people still believe it today?

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  1. The best example: eggs and bacon for breakfast (at least in North America). Bought and paid for by the American pork and egg producers via Edward Bernays – “The Father of Spin”.

    This is the guy who made smoking “cool” (or therapeutic to pregnant women).

    Now, nothing wrong with eggs and bacon. Eggs especially are rather good for you – in moderation – not the cholesterol abomination they’re made out to be. But before this, your typical North American breakfast was porridge or oatmeal or toast.

  2. That the old woman who sued McDonald’s over burning herself with her coffee was just money hungry

    For clarity: an elderly woman was a passenger in a car, pulled over in the lot to add sugar after getting a coffee and it spilled all over her lap. It burned her really bad and she just set out to get McDonald’s to pay her hospital bills bc they served the coffee way too hot. They ended up launching this whole PR campaign where they smeared this poor lady, even taking out spots in local papers over how silly and money hungry she was. Comedians, musicians, and radio hosts made fun of her and made her out to be money hungry instead of a victim.

  3. A lot of people in the UK believe the Conservative Party are good for the economy. Evidence suggests the opposite.

    People outside the UK seem to assume that everyone in the UK has bad teeth.

  4. That front wheel drive ia better for inclimate weather when it really just makes you lose traction to the only wheels that help you steer. It’s cheaper to manufacture so the auto industry pushed for it and people believe it.

  5. McDonald’s Hot Coffee vs. Old woman lawsuit, McDonald’s made the old lady sound like an idiot with their influence even though she was severely injured by their coffee and just wanted them to pay her compensation.

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