Which restroom is suppose to be used by a father and his daughter in public?

Which restroom is suppose to be used by a father and his daughter in public?

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  1. This was somewhat recently I was in a walmart bathroom having a bad tummy day and this was a pretty busy bathroom. Tell me why I was the only one to help this little girl. She yelled out saying can someone please close the door. So I told her hold on after she had requested several times and there was more than one adult in there. Obviously I’m not going in there with her and I couldn’t lock it for her so I just held the stall door closed from the outside waited for her, and then washed my hand with her and returned her to her father outside of the bathroom. While I dont mind why cant we have a family bathroom I can understand why he shouldn’t be in the womens, and very much understand why he wouldn’t want her in the men’s. Why is it that little boys are always in the womens? Honestly just wondering.

  2. My daughter is 5 years old. I take her to the mens’ bathroom when we are out. Usually go into the stall with her so she does not touch everything. Left to her own, she puts her hands on every filthy surface. Also have to help her wash hands. It’s not an issue.

  3. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

    Personally I’d use a parents room if it’s available or even a disabled bathroom, but I’ve been in the ladies room before and had a guy yell out that he’s bringing his daughter into the ladies room before he came in and then came in, stood in the stall with her and helped her wash her hands.

    The ladies in there were fine with it. He was respectful, polite and didn’t linger.

    I mean realistically if you’re doing anything “secret” in a woman’s bathroom you’d be doing it in a stall anyway. They all have doors so what’s the issue?

  4. I take my daughter into mens restrooms, doesn’t happen too often and I haven’t had any bad experiences yet. I do enjoy a family restroom, way easier and usually cleaner.

  5. When arriving to Italy my husband tried to go to mens room to change our babies diaper. He came back and told me we surely have arrived a catholic country:
    -the only changing station was in the ladies room

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