Which socially acceptable addiction would you like to get rid of the most? Why?

Which socially acceptable addiction would you like to get rid of the most? Why?

What do you think?

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  1. Screen addiction. I teach fifth graders and the things they’re exposed to and the glazed over looks on their faces if they’re messing around on Chromebooks is disturbing. Addendum to this one is significant social media on screens.

  2. Gambling. Sends people into insane amounts of debt, basically to the brink of self-harm or suicide. There is practically no chance of winning, and breaks people apart. Leads to other addictions and issues.

  3. Porn for sure. It is quite addictive and hard to let go of for a lot of people. But they never know that because nothing compels them to try to stop for a while.

    We are being told consistently that masturbation is healthy so we mistakently include porn in that statement. It is not.

  4. Alcoholism is horrible. It destroys marriages, careers, lives, and has no positives towards society. There is no reason for alcohol to remain as unregulated as it remains now.

  5. Fast fashion.
    We’ve all bought into it at points and many people spend time every week scrawling through online fashion retailers for no particular reason. The pace of trends has gone up immensely and charity shops can no longer cope with the amount of cheap clothes being ditched.

  6. Do you mean the addiction itself or the thing people get addicted to?

    If it’s the addiction then work -aholism, tearing families and even communities apart where profit/business comes before people and maybe the biggest gateway drug of them all considering its links to substance abuse?

    If its a thing then social media not sure but pretty big coincidence if not considering it’s rise and the last decade of shitshows we’ve all been through…

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