Which TV series gets consistently better after its first season?

Which TV series gets consistently better after its first season?

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  1. Easy answer but Breaking Bad is really just a phenomenal show. Start to finish it’s great, and each season gets better. If you haven’t seen it at this point, see it.

  2. I absolutely think that Breaking Bad gets better after its first season. The characters are developed so well and the plotlines are so intricate. It’s definitely a show that is well worth watching from beginning to end.

  3. American Dad.

    Started off as a mockery of conservatives and a thinly veiled family guy clone and is now something far better than family guy could ever hope to be.

  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Its first season is definitely the worse, but even that isn’t bad. The show just keeps getting better and the highest rated episode of the whole show is actually in the final season. Speaking of the end, it ended on its own terms and closed things up nicely. A perfect run.

  5. Famously Blackadder.

    First season was shot on location in big medieval castles, very expensive, and wasn’t very well received. It was almost cancelled and only given a second season on the condition they switch to cheap sets. The next three seasons are absolutely classic U.K. sitcoms.

    The final episode of the final season is often considered the best (or one of the best) comedy episode ever, being both hilarious and extremely poignant.

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