Which video game vilain will stay forever in your memory?

Which video game vilain will stay forever in your memory?

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  1. Glad0s

    I’ve always loved her as a villain and a character in general.

    “Why do I hate you? Have you ever wondered that? I’m brilliant. I’m not bragging, it’s an objective fact. I’m the most massive collection of wisdom that’s ever existed, and I HATE you. Surely that can’t be for no reason. you must deserve it.”

    “Have you ever thought about the fact that at a point, your name will be mentioned for the last time? That time is now. I’m going to kill you chell.”

  2. I’ll start: Vaas Montenegro. This dude will forever stay with me. Every word that came out of his mouth was insane and funny and interesting. I still remember every one of his lines

  3. Kerrigan. The queen of blades. She’s a fantastic villain/antihero. Starcraft could make such a sick movie and since blizzard has fallen to shit even if we get a Starcraft 3 it’s gonna be a lame cash grab. Her whole story would make an awesome show if someone who cared put the effort in….

  4. Baron Raymondo in the legendary video game Sid Meier’s Pirates! (2004). The amount of times i had to fight him was insane. Marquis de la Montalban was way harder though. He was nearly impossible to beat on Swashbuckler (Max Difficulty).

  5. Letho from The Witcher 2. You spend the entire game chasing him, and at the end, you finally hear him explain himself. And I was like, “…huh. You have a point.” And the way you can resolve that conflict was great as well.

  6. Weissman from Trails in the Sky.

    His manipulation and the revelation he was >!Behind Renne’s Star Door 13!< Was like holy shit this evil fucker is the most evil bastard imaginable.

  7. Herobrine. I grew up during the *HEROBRINE FOUND ME* and *HEROBRINE SIGHTINGS* era and I’d be genuinely terrified to play Minecraft during that time lol so definitely Herobrine if that counts

  8. Ganondorf from OOT- first real intro to a big bad, and it’s stuck with me

    Liquid Snake- he out snaked Snake. He was a brilliant foil and had such a brilliant plan that he actually tricked you into activating the Metal Gear! Damn, what a boss.

  9. Kefka from FFVI.

    The perfect deranged nihilist, and unlike most FF villains, he actually succeeds in his diabolical plot. You have to pick yourself up out of the ashes of the world he destroyed in order to beat him.

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