While growing up, what cellphone did you have and at what age?

While growing up, what cellphone did you have and at what age?

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  1. When I was 14 y/o I made my cell phone bill go straight to the moon, close to 1K in text messaging charges. Had the cell phone stripped away! lmaoo

    additionally i had a lame flip phonee

  2. Had a flip phone at 13 and never used it. Kept it in my glovebox when I got a car and didn’t take it out till 2016.

    Graduated community college at 21 (changed major) before getting an iPhone SE in 2016. When I graduated my family had to leave to change my nephew’s diaper and I had no idea where they were until I got in my car, plugged in my dead flip phone and saw 4 missed calls.

    Didn’t upgrade until I got stimulus money in 2020 and picked up the SE2020 I’m typing this on.

    Might upgrade in 2024 or 2025

  3. Most people didn’t have a cell phone until they were 18, since I had an early bday in highschool I was one of the cool ones with a Nokia playing snake.

  4. We had a Motorola 120t. It was a family cell phone that we bought for a road trip and I basically only carried it when I was driving when I was 16.

    When I was 18, I had my first date with my husband on a Friday and things were fun and fine. On Monday at work, he brought me flowers and said he thought he might’ve upset me somehow because he’d called my cell a couple times and I didn’t answer. But back then it was just plugged into the wall unless someone needed it for something so I’d just totally missed them. Pretty wild to think about not looking at my phone for a whole weekend now!

  5. I got my first cell phone after graduating from high school. It was an LG flip phone. I later purchased myself the EnV2 – boy I loved that phone. Even after years of smart phones, I still think fondly of that thing.

  6. 14 I had the Moro razor flip phone in black no texting. Then at 17 I got one of those cool side sliders with the full QWERTY keyboard and I thought I was hot sh*t back then.

  7. My first mobile phone was an iPhone 5, and I was in my mid 30s? I resisted getting a mobile for ages because I’d lived for a long time perfectly well without one.

  8. The very first cell phone that I had was a Kyocera phone that I shared with my twin brother. We had that for about a year and a half before each of us got our own phones.

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