While most religions teach others to not judge, why is it that the more religious someone is, the more harshly they judge others?

While most religions teach others to not judge, why is it that the more religious someone is, the more harshly they judge others?

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  1. I think it’s more likely, you disagree with the things religious people judge you on, so you find them offensive.

    for example, if someone hit their kid, you would judge that person, and you would almost certainly not look down on anyone who comments something looking down on that person either. you wouldn’t even think to interpret your behavior as judgmental, because hitting your kid is wrong and unacceptable behavior.

    whereas you interpret the things religious people judge for as right, so you notice and feel offended every time they judge you. so it feels like they’re judging you more.

    vegans have the same issue.

  2. That’s true of anything. The more time you put into something, the more you want others to do the same and feel they’re missing out when they don’t. Look at CrossFit, vegans.

  3. If they are truly following their religion the more religious they are the less likely they should be to judge you and the more mildly they would do it.

  4. This is an assertion with no evidence. All people are judgemental, and being non critical is what some religions call people to be because it maintains that it’s wrong

  5. Because the more moraly superior you think you are the better you feel. Religion is all about fantasy and make believe so the church can take your money while you feel good about becoming poor.

  6. Don’t think this is an observation related to religion.

    The assumption for any siding that, “the more vocal you are about what you side with, the more devoted you must be” is wrong.

    There’s plenty of horrifically moronic idiots that know barely anything in objectivity about whatever they’re vested in, yet make the most noise.

    Happens in politics, anthropology, religion, science etc…

    Loudest =/= Most devoted

  7. I don’t think that has to do with religion. There are people who will always think they are better than someone else.

    Take a look at politics for instance. Look at how members of different parties treat each others.

    Shit you even see this with sports fans. It’s human nature.

    I think it just slaps a bit different with religious people because it’s hypocritical. There are no rules in politics or sports that say don’t judge others, but everyone’s guilty of it.

  8. Because they’re taught to believe that their version of judgement isn’t wrong. That no matter what they say or how they say it, their judgement is the word of God and they’re trying to spread his message. They’re taught to beleive that with persistence, they can get through to you. They believe that if they can’t, you are part of the devil’s work and that the devil is like an infection, growing, spreading and poisoning others minds. They say that with religion, you’ll be set free..but they don’t know is that religion is based on fearmongering in order for the figurehead to gain control over their people and because they’re afraid, they act out aggressively. As a result, extreme hate and judgement.

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