Who actually listens to AM radio?

Who actually listens to AM radio?

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  1. My local NPR affiliate broadcasts on both the AM and FM band. I normally listen to FM for the clarity, but if I’m driving at the outskirts of their broadcast range, AM seems to go a little further, so I’ll switch it over.

  2. I’m pretty fucking tech savvy but have been a loyal local sports talk radio listener for like 20 years. It’s the only outlet that talks about my local pro teams on a daily basis. I hate 99.9% of AM/FM radio and it pisses me off how much right wing propaganda has taken over rural airwaves, but for my sports, I def have a use case.

  3. I used to listen to some talk radio on it a couple years ago but now there is millions of podcasts to listen to I haven’t listened to AM radio in forever.

  4. People in rural areas who live far from transmission towers. FM transmission is limited to about 100 miles in good conditions (flat topography, clear weather, etc.), whereas AM transmission is a bit further (and nearly doubled during nighttime hours when reflected by the ionosphere, which is pretty neat).

  5. My father who worked the paper route as a second job for like a decade. When I went out with him he’d always listen to shitty alien conspiracy and right wing political radio shows.

    And for some reason I was surprised when he voted for trump.

  6. jesusy people and angry people. and jesusy angry people. and people who want to listen for school closing but have never heard of the internet. maybe polka lovers?

  7. If you drive across country, there are huge chunks where there is nothing but AM radio–lots of “Christian” crap and conservative pundits. Keeping the red states red.

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