Who has the best burger fast food chain?

Who has the best burger fast food chain?

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  1. I’ve had most of them throughout the American south, American Midwest, and American far west and I can proudly say that after 2-3 trips **Freddy’s Steakburgers** is blowing my fucking mind.

    I don’t want to get into regional arguments, just know I’ve taken a few laps around this great country of ours and I’m happy about this.

  2. Well truth be told none of them do… look for the small local independent guy like “Papa’s Burgers” in Parksville BC. Every town every city has at least one. THEY are the best and deserve your business… 🙂

  3. In n Out.

    Arguably the best as far as quality, service, speed, price, and reliability.

    Any other opinions are delusional, or a faked account promoting their own horseshit.

  4. McDonald’s for the fact it’s the most popular I live in Australia and I’ve never seen a Burger King or any well known burger chains here so I pick maccas

  5. i like that red robbin gives zero fucks if i go there and order wild shit that’s just whatever i know they got back there.

    i can’t speak to all the hipster joints. 🤷‍♂️^^🤣

  6. Am I straight up trash if I say a classic McDonald’s cheeseburger?

    Look, I LOVE In N Out- animal style burger with fries is amazing.

    Shake Shack… the meat literally melts in your mouth

    But there’s something about just a regular ass McDonald’s cheeseburger that hits the spot for me. The two cheeseburger meal is my go to if I want fast food. It’s been awhile, might need to do it soon!

  7. Back Yard Burgers.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t very many of their restaurants still open. But holy shit, they easily have the best fast food burgers I’ve ever had.

  8. Ok, so are you asking who has the best burger OR what chain is best? Because those are two different things. If we’re talking overall chain, I’d have to say McDonald’s. If you’re asking best burger, I’d say Wendy’s.

  9. Born and raised Texan here, and I begrudgingly think it’s In-N-Out if we’re talking just burgers. Their cheeseburger is better than Whataburger’s, and cheaper. Fries are wack.

    If we’re counting Shake Shack then it’s them, but it’s not a fast food vibe, wait, or price, IME.

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