Who is a comedian that you think IS absolutely funny?

Who is a comedian that you think IS absolutely funny?

What do you think?

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  1. Greg Giraldo. Many of his comedic sensibilities wouldn’t have survived well into today, but his spiel about not being a dick to homeless people remains my single favorite stand-up bit.

  2. James Acaster and Joe Lycett are my favourite stand up comedians. I quite like Ben Brainard skits, and Foil, Arms & Hog are also good.
    For late night talk show type comedians, I really love John Oliver

  3. James Acaster and Joe Lycett have already been mentioned, so I want to go with Sarah Millican. She’s an incredibly funny woman and her stories remind me of nearly every Geordie I’ve ever met.

  4. Seeing Brian Regan live for the first time made me feel like I was going to literally choke to death from laughing so hard. One of the best stand ups to ever get on a stage.

  5. Christopher Titus.

    He has some of the funniest shows and jokes I have ever heard, and is totally not afraid of being offensive. He is also just a really amazing story teller and somehow manages to mix in heart felt or devastating moments of his life inside the funny.

    Only comedian that literally made me cry and laugh my ass off in the same set. And not crying because I was laughing so hard, but because it was a sad story.

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