Who is the most unlikable fictional protagonist ever?

Who is the most unlikable fictional protagonist ever?

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  1. Even though he’s the protagonist, Greg Heffley is such a fucking shithead. I liked him as a kid, but now that I’m older I can see how much of a douche he is and it’s a wonder the he even has friends

  2. Holden Caufield. Just the biggest douche in the world. Completely disdainful of everything, puts the people around him in stress.

    Fortunately, the author knew what he was doing. Unfortunately, some readers dont.

  3. Oh, definitely Scarlett O’Hara. I grew up in Atlanta and GWTW was a major this-is-what-our-town-is-known-for thing (think Seattle and Starbucks). But, like most locals, I never did the touristy things in my own hometown. One day, in my early 20’s, I bought a beautifully bound copy at a garage sale. I read it over a 3 day weekend, and was taken aback. I thought she was going to be this amazing heroine of the Civil War, only to find out she was just a narcissist set in the backdrop of a major era of US history. The book is extremely well-written (and I have reread it several times), but she is an absolute b****.

  4. Nick Birch from Big Mouth. He started off ok,but over the past 5 seasons he’s just become such a whiny little bitch who treats his friends like shit. Imo Missy should be the main protagonist, she’s had the greatest development.

  5. Henry Higgins, I have never seen someone less deserving of being anyone’s “love interest” if you could even call him that. The way he treats Eliza throughout the whole movie is absolutely disgusting and dehumanizing. Don’t even get me started on the end… she actually goes back to that shithead and his first words “where the devil are my slippers” pisses me off so much! F that prick for real.

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