Who is your favourite fictional character?

Who is your favourite fictional character?

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  1. Hawkeye Pierce from MASH

    Despite his vices and flaws, he has strong unbending principles and truly cares for all the people who come though the MASH unit, friend or foe.

  2. Heathcliff from Wuthering heights. He is better known for being a romantic hero due to his youthful love for Catherine Earnshaw, than for his final years of vengeance in the second half of the novel, during which he grows into a bitter, haunted man, and for a number of incidents in his early life that suggest that he was an upset and sometimes malicious individual from the beginning. His complicated, mesmerizing, absorbing, and altogether bizarre nature makes him a rare character, incorporating elements of both the hero and villain.

  3. The one that led that group of UK Vampires in Interview with the Vampire who didn’t give a shit that Kirsten Dunst was a kid and locked her up where the sun killed her. There’s repercussions for your actions young lady.

  4. Tough one for me but
    Hitoshi Shinsou from My hero academia and Tristepin de Percedal (also known as Dally foe you English folks) are the first ones that came to mind

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