Who remembers all the hype about Y2K?

Who remembers all the hype about Y2K?

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  1. It was real, but a lot of people put in a lot of work with a firm deadline. They couldn’t ignore it or kick it down the road like climate change. The Wikipedia page has lists of things that did mess up.

  2. My father took it very seriously. We stocked up on water and canned foods. It was such a relief when the other world cities ahead of us rolled into 2000 with no ill effects.

  3. I do!

    I was 17, and we’d just moved halfway across the country. I sat in a recliner, playing my gameboy, waiting to see if the lights would go out.

    *Spoiler alert*

    The lights did not go out.

  4. My mom gave my sisters and I these “Y2K Bug” stuffed animals that had a pj shirt inside. Mine was yellow. I remember hearing all the worry about it, but my family wasn’t much concerned.

  5. There was a lot of hype and I was scared to death hearing everyone talk.. I was about ten at the time. I was worried the automatic doors at the grocery store wouldn’t work anymore and we’d starve.

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