Who should be responsible for teaching kids to cook?

Who should be responsible for teaching kids to cook?

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  1. Whoever can. This isn’t the 1950’s, most households require two full time working parents these days, and even then it’s a struggle. I’d rather pay taxes for teaching kids valuable life skills, than pay taxes to build more weapons.

  2. Family.

    My cousin taught me how to make sunny-side eggs, toast, and breakfast sausages when he said, “dude, pay attention. One day you’ll make breakfast for some girl.”

  3. Both their parents and education system I think. Nowadays both boys and girls should be taught equally about domestic tasks, so they can handle daily life by themselves when they reach adult age.

    Also I’m a strong believer that domestic finances and planning should be taught at secondary degree. Any bachelor graduate should leave school knowing about basic laws and taxes handling.

  4. In an ideal situation, parents.

    Some situations aren’t ideal, so cooking/life skills/home ec classes *that don’t charge for materials* should be available at school.

    And of course, all the wonderful self-teaching materials like cookbooks and YouTube tutorials should remain out there too.

  5. They should learn it as our ancestors did

    We airdrop them into a desolate kitchen environment in the wilderness and force them to fend for themselves

  6. Yeah, honestly I’m from Uruguay and I’m not that familiar about until which point exactly you guys have free education available. It’s a sad state actually, since everyone should be allowed to have a good quality education and not be limited on its professional future by its financial condition.

  7. Either learn by themselves, or if their care-takers are loving enough to teach them (including parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or siblings, the range is wide). Some schools and clubs also provide cooking classes and lessons.

  8. Parents. Just teach your kids the basics. Like how to prepare basic meals, cook rice, pasta and potatoes. Enough so they can survive on their own.

    And you can start young with small things like making a sandwich or bake cupcakes.

    When they are pre-teens you can start with them cutting vegetables and small meals, like eggs and grilled cheese.

    Later you can make them cook dinner one night per week. Let them plan the meal, buy it (with their parents money) and let them cook it.

    When they are adults they can pretty much cook whatever they want.
    I had to learn my boyfriend how to cook. He was 26 when we got our first house, his parents were lazy and neglecting.

  9. Parents-…….a friend and her 3 year old daughter would throw flour and dough at each other while baking.

    That 3 year old will have a happy memory for life, something to reach for when things get tough.

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