Who thinks Dr Oz is a quack?

Who thinks Dr Oz is a quack?

What do you think?

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  1. This question is offensive and rude! You’ve got a lot of nerve, wording this question this way, trying to relate poor innocent ducks to that fraudulent kook and psychopath, Doctor Oz.

    Ducks and their trademarked quacks have no relation to the abomination named Oz, and hereby formally request: “Quack quack quaaaack quack”, so if you would be so kind as to fulfill the requests of some poor innocent ducks, that would be pretty cool of you.

  2. Calling Dr. Oz a quack is an insult to quacks.

    The sad thing is he’s a fantastic thoracic surgeon, but he chose to focus on peddling nonsense medicine.

  3. It’s pretty well established Oz is a quack and his attempt to run for Senate is gonna bring it out even more – in order to play to the Republican base and win the primaries, he’s gonna need to lean into the same sort of anti-science rhetoric candidates around the country used. He pushed hydroxychloroquine as a COVID cure before he was even running, so he’s almost definitely gonna get even worse.

  4. Literally everyone, right?

    He should have lost his medical license years ago.

    His whole persona has become this weird ass, cartoonish villain of a person.

    I feel bad for his Turkish fans there – who were hoping he would be a hero in America.

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