Who’s a writer that you’ll tell others to read every time?

Who’s a writer that you’ll tell others to read every time?

What do you think?

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  1. Terry Pratchett, Neil gaimen (Terry Pratchett and Neil gaimen in the sublime ‘good omens’) Lee child (nothing later than ‘the hard way’ though) Bernard Cornwell, bill bryson

  2. Khaled Housseni. He is just a great story teller. I was assigned The Kite Runner in high school, and really liked it. I also liked his two other books as well

  3. R.A. Salvatore
    Anne McCafferey
    Brandon Sanderson
    Garth Nix
    Piers Anthony
    Terry Pratchett
    Christopher Paolini
    Lillian Jackson Braun

    Just to name a few.

  4. Chuck Palahniuk

    He is best known for Fight Club but his other books are far more interesting. The content of his writing is something completely unique and strange. For example, his book *Damned* is about a 14-Year-old girl that dies, goes to hell, and becomes a telemarketer.

  5. Connie Willis! The Domesday Book and the Night Watch series are amazing. Also To Say Nothing of the Dog.

    Terry Pratchett. Just an amazing writer. Humor and fantasy and literature all bound up together.

    Tolkien, obviously.

    Max Brooks. World War Z is so well imagined.

    Chuck Wendig.

    Ursula Leguin.

    Madeleine L’Engle.

    Frank Herbert. At least the first 3 Dune books.

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