Who’s an actor or actress you cannot stand at all?

Who’s an actor or actress you cannot stand at all?

What do you think?

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  1. Idk anything about her as a person but I can’t STAND rebel Wilson. Like, her humor and acting style are so grating to me—idk if it’s her actual humor or just the roles she’s been pigeonholed into, but I always think her characters are so annoying

  2. Austin Butler. He has such an annoying face to me. From Zoey 101 to Switched at Birth, to Arrow, even the promos for Elvis, the second I see him appear on screen I get annoyed.

    And he was in like every teen show on Nickelodeon or Disney.

  3. As a person Kevin Sorbo. He always plays arrogant characters but that’s the characters he plays he’s supposed to be an unlikeable douche. But apparently that’s just who he really is.

  4. Allison Williams…. I have no idea why but I just hate her face. I finishing Get Out and thinking “damn, that casting was spot on, I still hate her” hahahahaha

    PS. If by some miracle you haven’t seen that movie, watch it, it’s amazing!

  5. Jared Leto and Amy Schumer. Leto because of his creepy behavior and predation of young girls, Schumer because of her obnoxiousness and overall tone deafness.

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