Who’s one stranger you’ll always remember and why?

Who’s one stranger you’ll always remember and why?

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  1. Other then those naught strangers from nights out and parties.

    I was 18, my gf just broke up with me, I was slightly upset, crying on the bus back home. This one girl. She would have been early to mid 20s took the time to chat to me and make me feel better for about 2 hours later. Just a stranger making sure a young emotional 18 year old was ok

  2. His name is fiko
    I met him on an online chat for a strangers , i’ve nvr had such deep conversation with a boy in my age . We talked abt everything, it was an amazing night , but suddenly my phone turned off , and i lost the conversation cuz it was without an account . I will nvr foget him i hope he’s fine

  3. I was sitting in McDonald’s after bad exam I failed. I used to get the best grades in all of previous exams in university, but this was my first fail.

    So I felt really tired and sad.

    Suddenly a girl comes to me and says: «Are you alright? You seem very tired. Do you need any help?». She said that with some accent, and by looks I thought she was from Latin America. Also I realized that she wasn’t local, because I never had such empathy from any local strangers here in Russia.

    This genuine act of kindness really surprised me.

  4. We were on vacation and we came across this group of people from Boston (Bahstan) that were vacationing there too.

    This guy yells, ” A Bah-by (Bobby) wheahs da beeah? ”
    Bobby responded, “in da Cah!”
    The guy yells back. “WHEAHS DA CAH?”
    Bobby responds, “in da pahkin laht”

    Our family reenacts this exchange from time to time with great revelry. I’ll never forget you “guy” and Bobby. I hope you got your beer.

  5. A random woman on line at the grocery store overheard me tell my son he couldn’t have candy because I couldn’t afford it. She paid for my groceries and got him the candy. Nicest lady ever.

  6. I’ll give a couple.

    When I was 19, I kinda roamed the country couch surfing and taking Greyhounds all over.

    In Albuquerque I had to cash a check but the name was written wrong and I couldn’t cash it. I had no money and had to take a bus back to the house I was crashing at. I asked a guy at the bus stop if I could borrow a buck to get home. He said, “No, because I’ll never see you again. But I’ll give you a couple bucks so you don’t worry about owing me and you can grab a snack with the change.”.

    When I left Albuquerque on a Greyhound, I again had no money and no food. I struck up a conversation with a little old lady who ended up buying me food the whole way in exchange for watching over her bags and stuff. It was a two day trip so I was insanely grateful for that.

  7. When I was a teenager I struggled a lot with feeling low and worried. My life was spiralling into a very dark place – think alcohol, drugs, self-harm, meaningless/toxic relationships. And, of course, I stopped sleeping.

    The town I grew up in ran along the floor of a valley, and there was this place just outside, up the valley’s side, that was given over to nature. We’d often spend our weekends camping up there, experimenting with drugs and each other. One morning, about 4am after a sleepless night, I got the idea to walk the hour and a half up there. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but in hindsight I think I just needed to be away from where all my problems lived.

    I did this a few times, took these long early-morning walks up into the trees, coming out into the green field beyond. I’d sit and look out over the town as the sun came up, smoking cigarettes, watching, waiting for something.

    One day I’m up there and this voice calls out to me. “Are you depressed?” No maliciousness or humour to it. Just blunt sincerity. It was an old man walking his dog. I assured him I was fine, of course, but he came and spoke with me regardless. He told me about how he’d lost his nephew to depression, shared some of the things he wished he’d told him.

    It wasn’t a magical eureka moment. It didn’t change my life. But I think it was the first time someone had ever asked me. Everyone knew, of course – family, teachers, friends. Everyone knew and awkwardly danced around it. But this old man came and gave voice to what he saw in me, at a glance. He gave me permission to see myself in those terms, rather than ‘bad’, ‘lazy’, ‘troublemaker’ and all the other words that had been used previously.

    These days I’m doing ok. I actually work as a therapist. I don’t feel like I owe it to him – life’s always less romantic than that. But I’m glad he was there when he was.

  8. homeless guy asked me for a cigarette, I gave one to him and then randomly says the phoenix rises from the ashes laughs and walks away… I was on my way to get a phoenix tattoo and had nothing on me to suggest that

  9. Happened just today. Seeing someone in jeans and a long sleeve flannel at the gym is weird, but coming out of the suana and seeing him go in, still dressed like that was far weirder.

  10. Danny.

    For awhile during the pandemic, I had a factory job making N95 masks. It was a hard job, and I bonded with Danny because we were both about the same age and could relate. We both worked second shift, and he was always in a good mood. Every time I saw him it was “hey Danny, how’s it going?” He’d say “living the dream, man!”

    One night on lunch break, we got to talking. He asked about where I lived, and I said I had a house in the suburbs. Not much, but it was home. When I asked him the same question, he said “oh, I live at (nearby homeless shelter)” and talked about the challenges of living there. He admitted he’d screwed up his life with alcohol and drugs, but he had a job, a cot to sleep on, and was turning his life around.

    I thought…if this guy can be so positive and happy, then I’ve got no reason to complain about my problems. On my last day on the job, I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and we agreed to stay in touch. Don’t know why, but he never called.

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