Who’s someone you looked up to or idolized as a kid that you now can’t stand?

Who’s someone you looked up to or idolized as a kid that you now can’t stand?

What do you think?

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  1. I used to watch wrestling back in the day when WWE was in its attitude era and Stone Cold was on fire. Met the guy at an expo and got his autograph. Years later he married Debra (one of the divas) and ended up beating her up. So fucking sad this guy raked in millions of dollars and still thrives with the company even after retirement. So fucking sad how people like this can live like a King regardless of what they did

  2. A couple years back my grandmother asked me and my sister “where are the kids who grew up loving Sean Hannity?”

    I didn’t answer, but I thought after the fact – “they’re no longer indoctrinated in a bubble where they only see one perspective of reality.”

  3. Ben Carson,

    As a kid he was my hero since he grew up in a broken home and still pushed himself to be one of the most recognizable figures in medicine despite being a black man at a time where black doctors were a rare occurrence. Even more still he became a neurosurgeon which I thought was the coolest thing ever as a 12 year old.

    Skip ahead to his political career and now I just can’t believe I was so in love with a guy who for lack of a better word “sold out” to an administration that he had adamantly disagreed with originally to do a mediocre job at best in his position. Add to that how once he became a public figure a lot of his biography came under fire for blatantly making up details about his past to seem more sympathetic.

  4. Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve dreamed of having my own business. I’m still interested in entrepreneurship and business, but there was this one guy….
    He was on a TV show called “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the German version of Shark Tank.
    I loved that show and the shark/lion represented for me what I want to become.
    He started his own company at a young age and runs a fund to help young start-ups and seemed like a really cool guy overall.
    I’m 16 now and I had to realise that he’s just Elon Musk on wish. He likes to portray himself as a young, hip startup guy. But that’s more talking than actual business.
    I searched for him on Instagram recently and I’m pretty shocked. He’s doing motivational quotes now, “Doing is like dreaming, only crasser.”
    And his fund is more than questionable….
    “Frank Thelen became known as a start-up star investor through the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Now he wants to make small investors rich with his public fund “10xDNA”. An investment opportunity not only for millionaire risk investors, but also for normal savers. But after only six months, almost half of the money is gone. Small investor transactions from Thelen’s past also cast doubt on the integrity of the TV star.”
    Overall a big disappointment

  5. i used to be a fan of brendon urie (although ryan ross was always my favorite panic! member), but now i find him super obnoxious and wish he would drop the panic at the disco name since he’s using it for his shitty solo project

    i’m not a big hater of too many people, but brendon urie is my worst enemy and i root for his downfall

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